Saturday, August 15, 2009

Etsy Clearance Sale till 8th Sept (bf's birthday!)

my latest offering on etsy!

ok, so bf's birthday is coming up, i know it's kinda tacky to try and promote my shop using his birthday as an excuse, but as you all know from the few of you who read my entry on "why i should be banned from ebay", that's why i'm imposing upon myself such a ban > <

so, until the 8th Sept, i have reduced prices on most of my items, and secondary shipping for cupcake cases are now ZERO! i don't really have much for sale anyway. i have plans to put up smaller scale work once my wrist/thumb heals (next week i hope!) and give my store a swing on over to my etsy store!

next post will be one about my STGCC weekend. i'm all pooped out. i -did- remember to take photos, so it will be a loooooooooooong entry ^ ^

thanks for looking!


  1. oh lord. i love those ice cream cones! my wallet does not thank you but my heart does! ;)

  2. pls post STCC potos
    i went to haro the clay food mei mei
    she say liang court cray veri sexpensive
    he he


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