Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Birthday.......

to Dad who turns...i -think- 65 tomorrow!!!

to Rayner (my youngest bro) who turns 21 (OH!!!!!!!!!! i just did the math DARN I HADN'T REALISED IT'S a milestone birthday :O ) on the 8th!

and to After Dark Miniatures for celebrating its 1st blog birthday....and i won the birthday blog giveaway :O :O :O!!!!!

but ok, really, the cake and the slices are for a commission which had been delayed due to an old hand injury flaring up :(

i finally finally relented and took a painkiller last night (for a sinus headache + hand throbbing whole day) and since i was feeling FABULOUS and itching to complete work while i could....i spent 2 hrs finishing up the piping detail on the cake WOOHOO!!!! all it needs now is a touch of gloss on the fruits...and some matte varnish to give the chopped nuts 'extra protection' *snort*

i hate hate HATE feeling idle and helpless....methinks a trip to the pharmacy to get some ibuprofen is in order :X painkillers mess up my cycle *cough* but it helps SOOO much..i just hope i don't get addicted *serious look*

but for now, i'm feeling soooo happy that this commission is almost complete!!!!!!!!! thanks to my lovely customers for being so patient...T-T


  1. OMG! Your dad's birthday is tomorrow? And your bro, the 8th????? No wonder we get along babe!

    This is the one where you taught me how to chop the almonds? I am glad you have finished too! LOL.

  2. Hullo!

    I came across your website when I was searching for polymer related stuff in Singapore and read about your problems with the hand. (The intro post on polymer in Singapore is very helpful, thanks!)

    I had a similar problem with RSI before in mine and panicked completely because I need the hands for my crafts and my violin as well. The brace worsened mine a tad because my muscles gave up - but that was just me. The specialists are not very much help, because honestly how often do they expect you to rest?

    What helped me however was the physiotherapist/occupational therapist, the Chinese accupuncturist and alternating between ice cubes at base of wrist and hand massages. I went private for the physio - it costs significantly more but worth it because she taught me how to use the muscles and how to massage them. 30 seconds break every five minutes to prevent further injury, and more regular exercise to basically build up the body's ability to heal itself (I took up pilates - it did marvels all around) Ice at base of wrists limited the swelling. An investment in Vitamin B to help the nerves and C to help body recovery. A persistent combination of all these has "cured" my RSI and although I have occasional aches, they do not inhibit my hobbies now.

    Stay positive! The mind works over the body - you'd heal faster that way.

  3. haha Sans, Leos are...SCARY!!! :X :X :X yaa i'm glad i don't have to chop up anymore 'almonds' for a while....nearly bought a blender just to do it :X

  4. Hi Wayward Traveller!!! thank you sooo much for taking the time out to post about your are so spot on with regards to how western medicine treats such injuries :( i am looking for a decently priced acupuncturist, i highly doubt i can ingest any chinese medicines what with my chronic conditions + medication, i actually have this liniment that i use nightly, it's bf's mom's concoction of rice wine + 'tian qi' seems to be working, i think my main issue is pacing myself :X

    i've been to your blog...woahhh~~~ you're a prolific reader! XD i adore reading when i can muster up enough concentration....i shall endeavour to read through all of your reviews! :) i just finished "The Suicide Collectors" by David's not bad...i likes the post-apocalyptic stuff! (Sans don't laugh ok, i know i don't do so good with that much text on the screen.....)

  5. p.s. wayward traveller, i was shocked to read that the brace actually weakened your hand :O i wear it mainly to keep myself AWAY from using my's like how i think bandages around the head works for skull fractures, there's no (from what i can see) use for it, except as a psychological tool to remind the injured to be more careful?? o.O

  6. I haven't been keeping up with my reviews, though I should. :P

    And yes, a brace actually weakens your hand over the long term. It alleviates the pain initially because it restricts movement, but the lack of movement will eventually lead to muscle loss. Depending on your posture, the wrist brace can also lead to more strained tendons, and the pain will go up the elbow and shoulder. I'd suggest using it sparingly - I lost a couple of months in recovery period because I was too attached to my cool-looking brace :P

    I went to Plaza Singapura's Eu Yan Seng for my treatment but there are cheaper and better alternatives. Someone recommended me a place in Serangoon - I'll go dig it up. On pacing, suggest getting an egg timer or sth like that. I turn mine to five minutes when I am doing crafts/practising - it reminds me to relax my hand, flex my wrist for a few seconds and ice immediately if painful (usually the brain ignores pain signals when deep in a craft project, then the injury is aggravated). It was bloody irritating at first and I hated the disruptions, but it allowed me to continue my hobbies :(

    Good luck on recovery! Positivity is your best friend!


  7. (slips in quietly to say) Happy Birthday to Dad. :)


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