Thursday, July 29, 2010

back in the brace

back in the brace
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quite upset with the state of my hand. the swollen fingers are both due to hand being in brace, and fat fingers XD ok not exactly, they swelled up, which is why i put the hand back in the brace.

not sure what else i can do but get it seen by a specialist, who told me the -last- time that i had to avoid doing repetitive actions which is what's causing the pain to begin with. quite upsetting, yet feeling very resigned to my fate. no minis for a while (2 days already) but i am mid-commission and am feeling soooo frustrated.

have put my etsy store on vacation mode. those who know me know that i do not make such decisions lightly, alas, i can no longer ignore the worsening state of the hand. the pain is keeping me awake at night. if i could, i'd chop it off and install a bionic arm/hand. wake me up when they're available with precision enough for me to work on 1:144 miniature foods. XD

/rant off


  1. Aw! I'm sure we all care more about your pain and the state of your hand than working you hard to make your amazing creations!

    Bionic arm....but then you couldn't paint your nails purty!!! And it would scare small children with the buzzing whirring sounds.

  2. Oh no! I'm sorry to hear the pain keeps you up at night! I hope you'll rest your hand and hopefully the pain goes away soon! Rest and take care..

    Pei Li

  3. Aww I'm so sorry to hear that, I really hope it gets better soon, it must be so frustrating

    A bionic arm would be pretty awesome though, you could make teeny tiny minatures with its robotic precision!

  4. hope it heals super fast!! have u tried acupuncture?

  5. (((Cindy)))

    What if, you wore the brace at night and only worked a couple of hours at time, after it is healed up some?

    I'm so sorry dear, I know it is a drag, I've been there with hand injuries, I've had two different ones. :(

  6. I hope your hand heals quickly :( A bionic arm would be so cool though. Get one with chrome plating and little blinking lights. Because little flashing lights make everything more hi-tech, or so movies have told me.

  7. ohhh thank you for the well wishes everyone! my hand is much better now, thanks to ibuprofen....but darn, i want a bionic arm!!!! i'm absolutely fixated on the idea now, and the positive reactions here to that suggestion is helping fuel my desire!!

    but no flashing lights on my arm....that would trigger migraines.....(grins madly at Pei's comment)

  8. El fimo se te dá francamente bien. tengo que ponerme a trabajar rapido.
    Un abrazo


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