Friday, July 9, 2010

decorative painting

last year, i'd bought some ceramic blanks (is that the term for it?) off ebay, and they were a little large for the sizes i prefer to work with. i guess the items could still pass for some large-ish 1:12 items, but i think they work great at a smallish 1:6, or even with these 1:4 cookies i made a while back.

yep. i'm pushing back another 'let's discuss sizes' post. sorry, i had it all planned, but i got distracted and now i've misplaced the items i planned to take photos of.....and you know how much i dread photo-taking :( man, gotta get organized!

i 'accidentally' chose purple for the scalloped edge platter, more because ....yep you've guessed it, it was leftover from painting the 'flowers' on the jar. this post is full of inverted commas and/or apostrophes?!? hurrah for mis!-used punctuations XD

i used instructions and examples from this book i borrowed from the library....i love it! it's full of inspirational ideas, not really my 'style' (i like minimal, almost stark, clean lines and sleek surfaces) but it's all very cute, and i am always up for learning new techniques to...well, 'enhance' my miniature experience!

very long link to some google book suggestion/review thingum, click here to view the preview. man, the internets is teh awsums!!!!

of course it's not very well done, i'm just showing here a section that i think can marginally pass for 'decent'. don't scrutinize too hard ok? :X the jar is approx 3/4" in diameter :O that's a pretty large cookie jar in 1:12!!! (9 inches wide in real life) i think it still needs a layer of varnish, either gloss or matte, i haven't yet decided. still waiting for the paint to dry.

i used acrylics and the finest paintbrush i have, first giving it 2 coats of white acrylics. i did ask if i should prime it in any way first, but the guy who sold these said his customers just went ahead and painted acrylics on it so....that's what i did. they're going into my personal collection anyway, this is not something i particularly enjoy doing all the time. i highly doubt i'd be more than 'reasonably able' at painting, given my reluctance and near-hatred for handling paint. BUT i think the results are pretty cool, all things considering.

yay me for trying something new! now back to something old, and much more comforting.....CLAY. ^ ^


  1. Love it!(what a surprise, I always do!)

  2. LOL Cindy!!! You crack me up.
    Well this comment will be full of mis:-used punctuations.
    I didn't know there were such things as ceramic blanks - I sure as heck would want a pre-painted one because there's no way I'd be able to paint such tiny little flowers or other decorations.
    You did an excellent job Cindy {#@*! :D

  3. please blog as much as possible- i love reading your posts :)

  4. Cindy! I love it!!! You did a great job! :)

  5. your cookies look sooooo real !! amazing !

  6. Wow !! Your biscuit looks so good and so is your plate and jar. Great job !!

    Looking forward to see more of your creations.


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