Friday, August 6, 2010

let's try something new

 there's a film of very fine la doll clay dust in my room. but these aren't the reason why.

had a request for a slight change to the usual sushi sets that i make in 1:3....UNAGI! i can't stand it myself, it's more the fishy taste and the little bones that put me off....otherwise i'd ordinarily eat anything teriyaki flavoured. would even drink up the stuff if i could :X

same customer requested i make these, which i first introduced in my previous post......i think they're adorable XD i plan to make some charms and hang them off my phone or summat....that is, if i can find the time to........

deja vu? yea i seem to be making quite a lot of these sushi sets. funnily, nobody even gave them a 2nd glance last year at TDA 09 T-T

i think the new wasabi and pickles look much better for this batch.

just for fun, i put some old 1:12 sushi i made a while back, onto a very dusty plate (also made by me XD) ok so it's more the gold paint that makes it look dusty, ughh....of course i had to make 1:12 pickles and wasabi....matchy matchy~~!

adjusted the colour on the kitsune, i think it looks better now. that's the initial pour of the soup base, need a second pour, probably will do that later tonight and add the remaining ingredients.

so. what's new? other than the onigiri and unagi, everything else looks....pretty familiar, right? even these forks.....which i had to coat with a silver paint cos i messed up experimenting on one of them. again, MATCHY MATCHY~~~! i think they look pretty ok here...but these are the last two forks in my stash. don't really have a stash, no place to stash the stash...........

oh oh...what a ghostly teapot and teacup set!

i enjoy working with la doll clay. i used la doll premiere to make these. had prior experience with it while making my dolls (pretty disastrous but excellent learning opportunity). they are a little bit smallish, but i based measurements on an actual teacup i had (4.8cm) and the teacups here are approx 1.5cm, while the teapot is approx 1inch wide (excluding spout).
there was plenty of down time as i had to wait for the clay to dry, so i took the opportunity to sand down some older 1:12 dishes i had made (with the help of molds), thus explaining the film of la doll clay dust all over the surface of my table right now. i'm not even gonna bother cleaning until it's all done, hark, do i hear a rattle in my chest?!?!? :P

back to work. oh wait, it's the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Love the colours! And the teapot!!!! Fantastic! :)

  2. Looks like you have been quite busy around there. Nice that you are posting.


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