Tuesday, August 3, 2010

so much mail today

Thank you sooo much Talina! i love them all!!! i will fix up the kits soon, i'm sooo itching to get to them, but have to prioritize!! i am so pleased! (can't think of a better word, my mind is so hazy from all the pain so i am not gushing as much as usual)  i LOVE THEM! aiee~~ Yotsuba's expression of glee sums up my joy at receiving these wonderful little gifts ^ ^

(i admit, the little 'tin' cans totally TOTALLY SLAY ME they are PERFECT)

((and i must add, the little yellow pencils in that jar? the eraser tips OMG THEY EVEN FEEL LIKE THE REAL THING. must. resist. urge. to. chew. XD ))

i also received this medium flat rate box today. for those who don't know (i didn't till i received it) it measures 14" x 12" x 3.5". that is a rather big box :O surprised because i was told my order from polymerclayexpress would come in 2 flat rate packages like my previous order did.

all the clay :O i ordered these before i screwed up my hand recently, and during my down-time (emotionally and work-wise) i was fretting over whether i'd still be able to use the incoming clay. well the hand is doing heaps better with the help of ibuprofen, so i hope i will!!

the cake is finally done! my customer wanted some plates too, and from past experience, plates are really quite difficult to get all nice and symmetrical. so as a test run on size, i cut up a disposable sauce dish to act as a plate. size-wise, i think it works. the fork is a jewellery charm, i snipped off the eyehook, and sanded off the rough edge.

managed to work with a bit more clay today. this is for a different 1-3 commission......need to tweak the colour on the kitsune (sweet tofu skin) a little more...but soon i will be able to pour in the 'soup'. have to also paint the chopsticks. might sand it down a little more if my hands can handle it tomorrow.

made the master for the 1-3 onigiri and made a mold for these. i think i must have rolled out at LEAST a thousand grains of rice *faints* took me all of yesterday just to make the original. yikes! just have to stick on the seaweed, and they'll be done. i like the shapes of these though, i love eating onigiri with crab mayo filling, YUM!

gonna rest a bit more. dad's little birthday cum retirement dinner yesterday is wreaking havoc on my digestive system. serves me right for being a greedy little -----  :9


  1. Oh my, the tin cans! Are they really tins? Pencils with erasers??? Wow.

    I am still feeling very woozy, damn stomach flu.

    That noodle is great! I think the pair of chopsticks are the best that I have see so far. You know what I think of mini cutleries . If you can sand it down at the handles, better still but if not, they are quite good already.

    *crawl back to bed or visit toilet for the 4th tine this morning1

  2. Waaah! Those tins and pencils are so awesome! *envies* And is that a little mini house on Yotsuba's right?

  3. Sans! oh my indeed! they are i think turned steel rods/pieces. they are dense and quite heavy for the size. i love how there's space for me to stick on labels!! gonna start stocking up my mini pantry ;)

    i want to sand them down further, but sanding them down was how i injured my hands in the first place, so i'm rather wary XD

    you should avoid spicy foods for the moment :( i hope you are better now, keep hydrated!!! GET WELL SOON!!!!!

  4. Pei! YA!!! that's a dollhouse for a dollhouse by Lundby, i was informed that it's discontinued and quite rare, i donno, i love it and want to open it up but....but......AHHHHHH it's like my friends freaked out when i opened up Yotsuba to play...i donno man!! HOW HOW!??!?!

    i so want to get the sylvanian families dollhouse/toy shoppe set...you know the one filled with mini-mini dollhouses for the sylvanian dollhouse!??!?? i'm sure you know what i'm referring to!!!

  5. uhh i mean sand down the chopsticks...not the tin cans -_-" i really should vet my replies before i hit post....

  6. I say open :P Toys are meant to be played with! My hubby always says i should keep my toys mint in box but where's the fun in that?

  7. the tin cans are COOOOOOL!
    hahaha... your yotsuba is so pampered!

    and so much clay!
    how are your hands?

  8. Aiya please do take care of your hand okay? ^^; Wonderful work as always, really like how you pay attention to little details :)


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