Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cupcakes Galore!

Thank you Rosanna for the BEAUTIFUL teapot cosy and fruit jam signboard. they are sooo lovely...i am going to drag bf down to pick up supplies to build a country chic (?!?!) display. i am DETERMINED to get one done XD i don't know if and when you'll read this, have a safe voyage home!!!

Asuka and i met up with Rosanna and Sans for our monthly mini meet yesterday, and it was a blast! i wish my hands were more co-operative, but at least we had some mini-making done, i'll wait for Sans to put up pics ;)

i've been on a cupcake kick. the 3 in the picture are in 1:12 and were experiments, alas, the silver dragees really do not survive baking well :( i made a set for Dale when she visited, and so did not put up pictures. wanted them to be a surprise (she didn't receive these, she received the 'good' ones XD )

these are a request for 1:4 alice set + macarons. dang, my hands are shaky today....blurry pics :X

EDIT: BLUE SET SOLD! Thank you!!!

made 2 extra sets for sale, had pretty good feedback on them, but we'll see if they sell. each cupcake is 2 cm wide and 1.5 cm tall, the bottles are 2 cm tall excluding the cork.

you can drop me a mail at snowfern at gmail dotttt com if you're keen, i have already put up pics on flickr, dA and will list them on DoA if they don't sell over the weekend.....let's hope they sell, bf's birthday is approaching and i'm rushing out items to sell in order to get him a birthday gift!!! less than 3 weeks OMG OMG OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGgggggggggggggggggg


  1. La reunión mensual mini, resultó muy productiva. Enhorabuena por el regalo de Rosanna precioso. Besos Clara

  2. I have been thinking of how to record our monthly meet. It is tough maintaining another blog and I am not use to making short post. I feel like making a book instead..LOL!

    Rosanna read this post with me a moment ago. They are going home in 4 hours, sending them to the airport in 1/2. sob sob.

  3. What cute from Rosanna! :)

    I love my cupcakes. :)

    Hubby just walked by and thought the cupcakes were real. lol

    I think y'all should set up a camera for the mini meets and record it. I think it would be hysterical.

    The eat me cupcakes are really cute, I bet they sell. :)

  4. Muchas gracias Clara! Sí, me gusta nuestra reúne mensualmente mucho. i disfrutar de ellos aún más cuando hay un objetivo que participan LOL!

  5. *pats Sans*

    parting is such sweet sorrow~~ :X

    well. i don't think it's necessary to maintain another blog for our meets, you probably already need to hire a secretary to help you maintain your blogs XD your regular blogging already helps to note the noteworthy stuff i think, maybe just extra tagging lor XD i also just anyhow one la...probably have to sift through my past posts and re-tag again....sian just thinking of it :X

    i lost my voice and have a massive sore throat, i totally talked too much again, my vocal cords aren't use to that kind of vigorous activity! XD I WANT MORE PESTO PASTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    ha ha ha our mini meets are SRS BZNESS HOKAY MUST GET AT LEAST ONE PROJECT DONE *slams fist onto table* but seriously, a breakdown would be,...

    Cindy: -says something stupid-
    Asuka: -makes weird noise then pokes fun at Cindy-
    Sans: -_-""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
    Fafa: "No need to argue, both are right."


  7. =.=;
    you make me sound like i am some sort of weird animal! XD

  8. He he , hallo dearie, it's my fault that you have a sore troath? I hope not even though I may feel a bit guilty... I'm safely back home now, unpacking all your treasures which have travelled in the cabin with me. I did not trust sending them alone in a suitcase. Thank you again and again for the lovely afternoon we spent together, it's been so fun and so natural. I want more !!!! have a nice evening and take care of your precious hands, hugs Rosanna

  9. Serious business, my a..... ;)

    Thanks for the w/b still trying to catch up and spinning in circles, spinning in circles...

    Asuka, maybe a cute stuffed animal. :)

    Rosanna, sounds like you had a fabulous time. :)

    Sans! I'm catching up!

  10. Kept forgetting to ask what's -_-"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" ?


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