Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thank you Eve!

i LOVE it! i won a giveaway on Eve of After Dark Miniature's blog, and this gorgeous little prep board arrived today. i told Eve that i really ought to start on a proper roombox, or display unit, this is the first food/prep board i've ever owned...totally blown away by the gorgeous detail and how everything goes so beautifully together. see, if i were preparing food, there'd be a heckuva mess, not this co-ordinated set here XD

please drop by her blog and say hi! and check out the rest of her beautiful works ^ ^

MEANWHILE. updates updates updates. almost done with current commissions, don't think i'm taking anymore (well maybe 1 more) for August. am preparing stuff to put up on Etsy as i have decided to no longer offer the cupcake liners for sale. those little buggers take too much time, and isn't very fun to make. whatever's up on my etsy is all that's left for now, but i have been known to accomodate special requests depending on the state of the hands :)

like i've said, i'm minimizing my time on clay to prolong the use of my far, that's not really working :X have been secretly working on something for my friends....almost all shall be revealed tomorrow ;)


this request is finally done! yayyyyy the teapot/teacup set was the hardest to make, devoted 1 whole week to sanding, buffing, drying, re-gesso-ing, sanding, buffing, shaping, painting, glossing it. and there were some technical issues too, like the handle bit. i had to use wires of various gauges to reinforce the joints, the whole experience was a definite challenge, but that's the way i like it :P

and here are more 1:4 macarons. yes, they are definitely a popular item. i put it next to Eve's board to indicate the size difference XD being used to 1:12 makes the larger scaled items look absosmurfly gigantamous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh, and lest i forget......i love my new keyboard! it's taking me quite a bit to get used to it, bf got it for me when we went on a 'date' to Sim Lim Square and Sim Lim Tower. look at all those itty bitty electrical components!!!! imma have soooo much fun...............*rubs hands greedily* **winces in pain from hands** XD it seems more and more of those electrical component stores are sprouting up at simlim square more people are into DIY these days? bf got himself a metal detector kit....that is so sensitive it keeps detecting the metal in itself XD XD XD *snorts and cracks up at her own joke*

time to hit the shower. really warm week we're having here in Singapore.............oh and, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I understand what you mean about the paper cupcake cups...I've made some for my candies and for every four or five I make, only one looks proper. I can't imagine making them by the dozens! No wonder your hands are bothering you. Working with clay can be havoc for carpel tunnel and similar syndromes. I hope yours are better soon!


  2. ¡Cuantas novedades en una sola entrada! Enhorabuena por el envio de Eve, es una maravilla.
    Con la arcilla has conseguido una tetera preciosa, aunque te hayas pegado con el asa :). Besos Clara

  3. Love your teapot and ramen soup!
    I cannot stop thinking of tempura ramen after read this post.
    I need to go back as soon as I can…


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