Thursday, August 26, 2010

party time!

assorted goodies in 1:3 and 1:4 scale :)

1:3 donuts and macarons, a customer request.
the camera wasn't really co-operating with me (yea, i know the bad workman always blames his tools....ok so i'm a sucky photographer). the ochre seems overpoweringly yellow. well it's not in real life *defiant look* :P

see. and this image wasn't processed :( just cropped.

 or i should just try and take pics when there's more sunlight. bleh

made an extra batch of 1:4 macarons, and just for kicks, here's another contrast pic, 1:3 vs 1:4 :)

bouncing back to the 1:4 cakes and tarts....these were taken under my magnifying lamp light.....i tried to edit the contrasts/colours/exposure...but maybe my eyes are tired?? (oops more excuses...)
contrast that to the pic i took in daylight which to me appears more washed out.

opps, didn't mean to let this post turn into a photography related one.
i think it looks like lightly toasted coconut flakes, cousin at first glance thought it was white chocolate :(
the jam tarts are harder to make than it looks. i guess i have to figure out the right proportion of paint:clay;liquid fimo. had to redo it twice :(

had to make a mold of the raspberries. at least now i have one in 1:12, 1:4 and 1:3 ^ ^

decided to put in 'seeds' to the jam, cos strange as it seems, i enjoy picking them out of my teeth? :X

and because i had leftover clay, i made a few extras, played around with leftover piping too ^ ^

will probably make these available on DoA :) or Etsy. or whatever. too tired to think or care.

i spent half the morning organizing my workspace, the table now has an open space of approx 8" square....i think that will last oh, maybe another day at best. ha ha ha. -_-"

i hope to work on my materials for my 1:12 roombox, kinda sick of the old prop that i've been overusing for my pics. and i'm working on stock for TDA, right now i do have 1:12 items for Etsy, but i haven't figured out how to price or package them, so...........guhhh my eyes and haed are spinning! @ @


  1. I think the pics taken with sunlight are much better because your work looked much more natural. I don't like the reflection caused by the lamp. I think it makes the food looked a tad glossy.

    Love it when you take close ups because that's when you really show off the details and yours are pretty much immaculate. That chocolate "muffin" (?) (only because I don't know the term for cakes /pies/ pastries, I just eat them) is melt in your mouth delicious!

  2. Gosh they are so beautiful!

    You are very talented. The chocolate sauce is the best bit, it actually COULd be real!

    MJ x

    Mozzypop Jewels blog!

  3. ¡Estupendos duces! Aunque no estes satisfecha con tus fotos para mi estan muy bien, porque he conseguido ver todos los detalles de tu trabajo muy bien hecho.
    Besos Clara.

  4. So good! Cindy they are good enough to eat! the choco bundt is wonderful and the piped biscuits are perfectly detailed. Id like to be 1:12 good as you. Actually I'm a bit crossed because I lost the 5mm hole punch...but I still have the 4mm.As if the punch could do a great difference in improving my abilities.BTW I'll have a try at macarons tomorrow night and I'll show you the results. Have fun, I send you a hug, Rosanna


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