Friday, August 20, 2010

1:12 gummy bears

haha they are so small i hadn't noticed it was upside down :( it's hard to take clear pics of them as they're translucent and barely 2.5mm tall. i tried making them smaller, but i'm already insane enough, i'll try again for the next batch, no promises! they're tough to make...i used epoxy resin, minute minute amounts....forgot to take pics of the mold....actually made them a while ago, and they took ages cos i had to work in batches for the resin to set (takes about a day for each batch)

finally figured out how to use brushes in GIMP!!!! just download the latest version (it's free) and put the free brushes in the appropriate folder, and TADAH!!!! omg so simple, free, and totally legal (provided you read the TOU for the free brushes XD ) going crazy making packing designs lately....

aaaand the contents of package spilling out, my fave thing to do when packaging minis....

aaaaand YOTSUBA!!!!! she gets some too!!!! i might make some available on etsy....depending on how attached i feel to them.

here's a sneak preview to what i'm can probably guess if you celebrate it ;)

DING!! i'll post more after my friend gets her package (which i am trying to get sent out by today :X )


  1. HOLY SH*T!!!! LOL
    I had to check out your pic when I saw the title "1:12 gummy bears". I can't believe you actually were able to do it Cindy! And not only that, but they are frickin' PERFECT!!!!! BRAVO!!!

  2. Amazing Cindy...the most perfect tiny thing that I have ever seen :)

  3. YOU ARE MAD! But maddeningly great lah! You have just qualified for the super seow society with the gummy!

    And you fricking made 10 folds for the lantern !!!!! *&^(%$####@#!!!!!

  4. OMG how did u make those little tiny minute gummy bears !?!!? unbelievable !!!

  5. Cindy, The Gummy Bears are so incredible!!! They really came out perfect! I also really love your lanterns! Those are awesome!!!!!!!

  6. These are definitely going to be a hit!

  7. ¡Son increiblemente pequeños! Has conseguido un color y una textura perfecta. ¡Enhorabuena por tus golosinas!
    Besos Clara.

  8. YES you DEFINITELY ARE CRAZY !!!!! Cindy, how on earth can you do that? have you got super sight or whatever? I guess it's also super strong will and, how did we call it, greediness ? for new challenges and tecniques. I feel so ashamed that I have not tried the sugar cubes yet... so little time and so many things to do! now rest your hands a it, if you can. I send you a warm hug and I bow, once more, to your superior abilities. Rosanna

  9. They are so tiny. You are very talented and patient!


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