Sunday, June 14, 2009

Quarter Scale experiment results....and a SALE!

new cookies 1 48
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ok, so someone on CDHM was looking for 1:48th scale items, and i had been meaning to work on some (yea i know i'm always meaning to work on something or other but never get round to it unless inspired or challenged > <)....and since it stuck in my head the whole night, i got up a tad earlier to work on are the results!

she actually just wanted doggie biscuits, so i made some, but got bitten by the idea of making more quarter scale items (when i work i tend to work in batches and spurts) so i got round to the goldfish crackers that i wanted to make aeons ago....which led to some cookies cos i thought my old ones were disastrous..which led to the donuts cos i had leftover 'frosting' and didn't know what to do LOL!

they are all now ready to be mailed early tomorrow morning ;)

oh! and i am trying to clear some stock cos i intend to work on smaller scales and less complicated stuff. this is because i want to start on a competition project ( is holding one!) and i wish to clear some space or i'd just feel unsettled. PLUS bf bought me a whole buncha stuff and i need the space! as i've mentioned before, who knew minis could take up so much space UGHHHH

going to clear the table now, and sort out the new stuff ;) more pics later!


  1. I'm thrilled - you did a wonderful job!

  2. thanks again! it was a wonderful project! i'm thinking of making a 1:48th roombox, right now my 1:24th (i think) scale items are sitting on the bottom shelf of my 1:6th scale fridge LMAO!

    you're such an inspiration! and your dolls are :O especially love your flower doll (the one in your avatar?)

  3. Thanks! That is Miss Daisy there in the avatar - I made her in 2007. Almost done now with my new puppy doll who will be loving your doggie treats. And I just realized that the Mer-Bear will be very fond of those goldfish crackers LOL!

    Quarter scale is wonderful, I love it! Looking forward to seeing your roombox...


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