Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mini Hippo

mata hippo preview
Originally uploaded by Snowfern

i'm really pleased with this handsome fella! he has lots of details on him, teeth, fingernails/toenails, hat, collar...and a secret at the back ;)


phew! what a hectic day it has been!

i spent the morning sorting out some of my papercraft stuff, making mini placemats and trying to put a scene together...then fried rice for lunch and headed out for the post office to send off the quarterscale items...took Eva with me too! she tired out just before we reached the post office, so i had to carry her around...not an easy task, she's fast getting big :O almost 3 kgs!

so i took my time, even went to the library (yes, i snuck her in hee hee), picked up some repositionable glue sticks (they work pretty well!) and got some fruits for dad at grandma's request. when i got home, i was greeted by some pleasant surprises.

whilst waiting for the duckies' heads to bake, i checked my mail and discovered that a pair of duckie earrings had been sold to a first time etsy user, who seemed to have registered specially to purchase the ducks. i wondered to myself if the customer was from a local chit-chat forum i frequent, but left it as that and was happy for the remaining afternoon.

then i got a message from a potential customer (he's waiting for me to complete his order of duckies) that a previous customer's duckies looked great! so my last duckies reached their new owner! i went to the forum to check for the response, and wow! what a wonderful surprise!

so i got requests to make a mini clay version of a user's avatar, as you can see here, i have better photos but i decided to keep them to myself until he gets the package, there's a lot more detail on this handsome guy to be discovered ;) the commission isn't complete yet, will work on the rest tomorrow when there's more light.

i will have to head down to madam ang's to pick up a cake stand too for a different order, also have to work on a penguin. so checklist for tomorrow will be:

1) complete hippo order
2) post up pics of duckies for customers to pick their ordered duckies
3) print receipt and head down to post office to mail out ducky earrings
4) head down to madam ang's to pick up cake stand
5) purchase embossing powder
6) work on penguin
7) work on doll for CDHM contest

phew! i'm pooped from the flurry of activity, it's rare i get this many requests/sales in a day. to think it all started with a request for teeny weeny duckies :) (thanks Christine!)

okay! imma head to bed now, going to for the first time in months, READ A BOOK. hrm. then again maybe i shouldn't, since it's craft related and i might get too stimulated to sleep, ha!


  1. I love your hippo! He looks a bit mischievious with that big grin. Wow, so much eye candy for your blog readers today...lots of posts and pics!

  2. I think your hippo is great too. As good as the duckies which are just adorable :). I know the person who 1st introduced the duck race in Singapore. I am going to show her what you do :).

  3. Thanks Mary and Sans!

    Mary, i think i messed up my site feed settings is why it wasn't updating on people who have added me to their site feeds...i managed to figure out the problem today and rectified it real quick.... :D

    woah Sans! thanks! i hope she likes it too, i miss those duck races....

  4. Hi Cindy, Meredith here. Not sure if you've received my mails -- please check your junk folder if you haven't. Can't seem to reach you regarding STGCC.

    TQ :D


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