Saturday, June 13, 2009

High Tea Treats & Chocolates

finally finally got them up for sale on my etsy store. i'm such a procrastinator. > <

and i'm sunburnt! hope you like what you see, cos i had much fun making them (the photographs part, not so much :( )



  1. Good luck girl! Love your stuff so much but I am sorry I can't afford it now for me. My own candycake biz is bad to say.. I've been selling stuff at chinatown flea market and on my blog but the response isn't good )= Hmm I am selling my stuff for really cheap but noone appreciates )= Kinda upset and little demoralised too. I really feel sad..i think in the end, i must keep all the items myself to use instead now *keeping fingers crossed

  2. ahhh don't fret, it's always tough during the startup months. this is why i try not to go into larger scale production since i do not wish to kill my passion for this hobby, and would like to give myself time and space for creativity to bloom....

    hang in there!


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