Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My first faceup!

strike a pose
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so...i've made a coupla BJDs before but they turned out pretty terrible so I didn't bother with their faceups....which is odd cos they might look less terrible if i did give them faceups LOL


bf (muaks!) got me this dollcena and she originally had no makeup, i pierced her ears and gave her eyebrows, lower lashes, freckles (<3! ) and light lip gloss...her eyeshadow is slightly frosted pink as well, and i'm loving her much! am going to make some shoes for her and a handbag/purse, accessories...and of course, LOTS AND LOTS OF FOOD!

also, i woke up due to the rain at 6.40am, and bought heaps off stuff online > < oh dear me....

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