Saturday, June 27, 2009

More squinty-sized stuff

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okay~ i've been slow on picture taking, made some furniture for my roombox and forgot to take pictures of my quarterscale stuff -_-"

you can probably identify most of the fruits/veges, i think the worst of the lot probably has to be my corn/cucumber. i don't think i can 'save' the corn so i'm thinking of adding a little bit more detail to the cucumber by using acrylic -that- is going to be a challenge. so i might just use a sharpened colour pencil, but first i'll have to find a box, and then a good sharpener haha.

otherwise, on the whole, i'm rather happy with it. :) especially for a first try on whole fruits and veges!

oh and btw, i am trying to figure out why my feeds don't seem to be working. i don't think sites who subscribed to my feed deleted me, but since i've installed (and unsuccessfully uninstalled) linkwithin, things just don't seem to be working right. so i cleared my server and re-published everything to no avail. will slowly put up links to where they used to belong *sigh*

meanwhile i have to start designing a proper site, gee whiz that'll be a chore -_-"

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