Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rubber Ducky you're the only one for me~~~

rubber duckies 2
Originally uploaded by Snowfern

so! i tried something other-than-food today, here are the results! i prefer the smaller ones because i got lazy and used accent beads as eyes for the larger ones, which were what i started with, and made smaller, and smaller, and SMALLER versions.....i think the smallest one might even work for 1:96 scale LOL it'll be quite big a ducky though....

i cleared out my re-ment house today, am going to refurbish it into a 2 storey home...i think i should start documenting the progress...hrmmm :)

the duckies seem to be a hit! i will be trading some ducky charms for some plates, whee!!!

oh rubber ducky~ you make bathtime lots of fun!~

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