Wednesday, September 2, 2009

non-clay minis on my break

basketcase yotsuba
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i know i've been away for quite a while. so many things have happened, my brother's wisdom teeth surgery, middle bro is moving this week, and my wrist/thumb just didn't bode well for miniclay play. i tried working with some bigger items though (the mini rolling and conditioning simply freezes up the hands) and here are just some of them. :P

here's the baskets i made using an online tutorial i stumbled upon while surfing a few weeks back. I LOVE THEM! i'm not sure what language it is in (finnish maybe?) but the pictures speak for themselves.

i used some wire twisty packaging thing i found at daiso and some ecru coloured crochet thread i had leftover from my thread-related-craft-days....

also, made some acrylic items for the's undergoing a major overhaul furniture-wise as i've found that the white paint i have just isn't suitable for the modern-retro look i was going's just a teaser pic ;)

i kinda messed up on the sliding door bit, so it will only fit 1 door properly...but i don't care i think it looks cooler this way HAHA

also made a lamp out of a cheap $2 LED flashlight from's kind of big but it works out fine :) can't afford the USD$50 alternative right now ; ;

also made some one inch scale display stuff and some half-inch scale furniture for a half-inch scale bakery display...but i don't have much foods to fill it yet and hope to do so this week!


  1. Hi Cindy,

    The baskets are amazing!! You are so talented!!

    Pei Li

  2. Baskets look good :). I just saw your work being posted (video) together with some others' on Team MID's website. Congrats my dear! They are ab fab :).

  3. heheh thanks Pei Li and Sans...

    TeamMIDS is awesome! if you ever decide to start selling your works on etsy you should join us Sans :P


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