Monday, September 14, 2009

long leave of absence from minis

ok after i post this i shall ban myself from the keyboard and all other activities that require the use of my right hand.

mom bought even more crabs yesterday and told me to cook them before rushing out, i reluctantly did so because i hate the idea of food spoiling/wastage....but i paid for it dearly. cleaning and cooking the crabs placed such a strain on my barely healed hand/wrist that it started throbbing very painfully all day yesterday, and it is clear today that it will be a long time yet before i can go back to mini-work.

i am mad as heck and almost tearful, but feeling mostly resigned to the fact that i -must- leave my hand alone lest i destroy it totally. probably will take a trip down to a chinese acupuncturist since western medicine is not helping.

sorry to drag everyone down, but truly, i am miserable without my minis. so i guess this is my application for leave of absence? i don't know when i'll be back proper, but i'll pop in once in a while when i'm super sure i'm ready to work minis again. :(


  1. application accepted...please take care of your hand! don't forget us!

  2. Hi Cindy,

    Sorry to hear about your hand/wrist. Do take a good rest, heal it properly. I'm sure you will find something fun to do without straining your wrist during this leave of absence. ((hugs))

    Pei Li

  3. Hi Cindy! Oh noo. :( I'll miss your cheerful banter and having someone who understands Singlish around in the forums! :( Don't be so miserable though, consider it a period where you collect inspiration from anywhere everywhere, and plan for the outburst of projects once your wrist has healed. :) HUGS!

  4. We will miss you but you must take care of that wrist. Minis will still be here when you are better.

  5. Ouch, dear...
    Please take a good long rest and you can do planning about your comeback, which I'm sure will be awesome!
    I know your hands will be itchy for minis, but just be patient, so you will get good rewards! :)

  6. thanks so much everyone, it is no longer throbbing madly now and in my sleep, so i guess it's slowly healing...i am so looking forward to working on minis again but meanwhile am watching LOADS of mentalist (isn't simon baker so cute?) to keep myself distracted... :P


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