Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm back with a vengeance....and cupcakes!

i had another sale this weekend, which surprised me cos i didn't sell anything the week before and thought the worst of my situation, i.e. not only is my hand irreparably ruined, nobody wants my stuff anymore! OH WOE IS ME, the DRAMA QUEEN!!!

so this was indeed a very pleasant surprise. anyway, on top of the items she's purchased from my etsy store she's asked if i made plain cupcakes and halloween themed cupcake casings. of course i do!

since she wanted a 'swampy-muddy' cupcake, i also suggested that it be a little uneven and maybe even overflowing, she loved the idea and here are the 4 different cupcake prototypes. i'm waiting for her response to continue. :)

i made the cupcakes such that they 'overflow' and even have space for the casings to fit in nicely. and i am loving these orange and black cupcake cases! i haven't yet found purple paper suitable for the cases yet, will have to hunt for those tomorrow...

remember my half scale pies? i finally got round to finishing the cherry pie. i quite like it, although i have never in my life tasted a cherry pie before :O

while staying away from straining my hands, i got so bored i arranged a few things in the cabinet i made....it's not done yet i've got lots more to store in there :E

finally, i made something for halloween. it's not complete yet cos i'm stumped. i tried to make a quarterscale cookie jar, a scary frankenstein, but it turned out ...rather cute (??!!) this is actually my 2nd attempt, i'll take photos of the first one which is even cuter (IMO) which proves that although i watch way too many scary flicks, i am unable to reproduce the horror i view through my eyes and in my mind....:( why does my mind simply 'cutify' everything HUH HUH HUH????

i've got to go wrap my bf's present now. :) i will be joining his family for dinner, to be honest, i'm not sure why i'm nervous after 4 years together and CNY visits and other social situations...but i still am...:S good thing they're nice people or i'd be terrified, not anxious :P



  1. hi snowfern, forgot to say one thing: happy belated birthday for him! ^^
    and glad to have you back with amazing stuffs!

  2. I think your Franky looks "realistic". You will know what I mean if you watch the cartoon version of the Addams Family :)


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