Monday, September 21, 2009

new mini doilies, which do you like?

new mini doilies, which do you like?
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made a few more doilies for practice, and possibly for sale. each takes slightly more than an hour to tat up (excluding time to wind up the thread).....and the life sized coaster took me all of yesterday and today. more because i randomly made up the design as i tatted, and made quite a few mistakes i had to undo.

i'm thinking of making some place settings and also possibly a tablerunner, tablecloth, etc...but those would be incredibly time consuming and i'm really not sure if it's worth the trouble if i were to sell it. costwise it's almost negligible, i mean, SGD2 for 200m of polyester thread LOL. but the workmanship oh man oh man. and so tiny too, means i have to be more careful since mistakes would be hard to fix.

oh, and i finally listed my cupcake cases sampler set on my artfire. will list more when i'm less tired. i hope i didn't mess it up....

wrist and hands are better, but i still cannot exert much pressure or the pains start throbbing up my arm again. at least i am still able to tat!

i miss clayplay :(

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  1. I LOVE your doilies! They are so elegant. The black are so chic :) All of them are just great!


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