Thursday, September 10, 2009

lessons i've learnt on downpayment issues

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i feel quite silly today.

since i've never had a customization request on Etsy before, i was unsure as to how to request for a downpayment, and since my very kind and patient customer offered half upfront, i assumed automatically that by just putting up an etsy listing first, i could settle the payment issues in convo (i.e. allow customer to commit to purchase first)

but in my rush to get bf's presents wrapped and other chores around the house, i'd forgotten to state that it's possible to just pay half the amt via paypal AFTER committing to the purchase! i simply sent off the mail and scooted off to other commitments..luckily she was very understanding and didn't seem to mind paying in full....for that i am very grateful!

see. i knew i wasn't cut out to be a businesswoman > < this issue plagued me throughout the day, i felt so embarrassed even while out at a birthday celebration (HAPPY BIRTHDAY DERICK!), which was also awesome and definitely overate, boy i don't think i've enjoyed a buffet this much and this coming saturday i will be going for one more :O i'm not really very sociable, so this week will cover all my social needs for at least half a year :E

ok so just to remind myself:
1) don't automatically assume customer is aware that it's possible to pay -less- than the amount stated in listing
2) better to just put up 2 listings, one for downpayment and another upon completion
3) this way it eliminates problems that might crop up (thanks TeamMIDS for helping me out!) by being more specific in the listing (which i wasn't eeks)

probably had too much sugar. i'm still buzzing :O it's bedtime though, g'nite world!

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