Friday, September 11, 2009

miniature tatted doilies

mini tatting
Originally uploaded by Snowfern

i used to tat alot even when i had no clue what i was tatting. it's just so simple. a shuttle (or maybe 2) and string. i had to stop "life-sized" tatting due to its strain on my wrist, but i promptly forgot about it.....

so when i was on my almost-month-long hiatus, i got so mind-numbingly bored i picked up the shuttles again while watching all 200+ episodes of "Friends" on DVD. bad idea. it delayed the recovery of my wrists LOL.

i had originally planned to put these up for sale, but i have no idea how to price them. a quick check on ebay didn't help either as there wasn't that many tatters out there, less so for mini doilies. well. they will be up for sale probably after this weekend, or when i get some good daylight for photography, whichever comes first.

here's what they look like under some of my older works....

have a great weekend ahead!


  1. I actually went and google what tatting is and my goodness, now I am even more impressed! My mum knits so I thought this is knitting :). Beautiful work!

  2. thanks Sans!

    yea it's totally different. when i first picked it up, it was such a steep learning curve! good thing i'm obsessive or i'd never have made it this far, and to think, this is just the beginner's stage....the experienced tatters put me to shame!


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