Saturday, October 10, 2009

halloween cupcake cases

halloween cupcake cases
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i hope to make some halloween cupcakes, just for fun, but first, here are some cupcake cases! i will probably be making a few prep boards as well, those seem to move well on my etsy even though i've only listed and sold 2 (so much for sample size haha)....

i've also listed this black doily, it's made of pure silk and is only an inch in diameter for all its detail. :D you can view more details on it here...i know the price is a tad steep, i'll adjust it later i'm just not sure how much to list it for....i spent a lot of time and effort on it, so i'm honestly not very keen on parting with it since it's really time consuming to make it.

another way of displaying it....i actually listed this cake a long time ago but there wasn't much interest in it and since i loved it so much i decided to take it off and keep it for myself :P

not much else happening, weather's shifting so i've had to bust out the i'm always sick of being sick grr.

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