Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yotsuba's Halloween - Brain and Finger Foods

as you can tell, i'm back on mini clay play with full force!

the last week was spent slowly making the components to this, yes, i've given it much thought, bf helped too :P i have just one more in my 'halloween series' to finish up, but here's what i have so far!

i'm quite pleased with it, cos after i showed it to my youngest brother, he went "EWW that's DISGUSTING!" and you know how brothers always try to gross you out? it's sweet satisfaction to be able to gross him out this time! :P

also, i've finally figured out how to texture icecreams, at least, to my satisfaction! i'm loving these, will be making more for my etsy store after this weekend, my wrists are sore from all the photoediting....and 2 hrs setting up the links to my friends all over again (forgot to back them up after i re-set the template for the blog -_-")....

Happy Halloween!


  1. yotsuba!!!

    i like ur ice creams!!!!! sho real! i feel like eating some right now!

    For your wrist. can try spray the 正骨水. i use it for my knee after every long run. it help.

  2. Oh man, Cindy! That twisted sense of humor is coming out....look out!! LOVE IT!!

  3. Thanks Hashbrown for the tip! i also use zheng gu shui but it doesn't seem to help :( bf thinks it's a nerve issue, once i find some time i'll go down to an acupuncturist to sort it out since western medicine isn't helping!

    Kiva, i've said it before, it takes one to know one ;) i have all sorts of gruesome ideas, i'm almost afraid i might get reported and investigated for being some psychopath :P halloween is the only season i get an excuse to translate what's in my brain into reality :P well. with clay as a medium, of course :X

  4. Oy! I hate these blog things, mainly b/c i'm lazy and have not taken the time to learn how to use them. So take it as a great compliment to you that i have spent so much time here! lol

    No kidding, you're ice cream is so good that i am going to remove the cat from my lap and go get a bowl wehn i am down writing :P

    How do you get such great texture??

    Just Katety

  5. heh heh thanks Katety!

    mm i used my needle tool, ruffled away like mad! it's kinda tricky to get it right, out of the 10 or so balls of clay i tried, i only managed to get these 2 to satisfaction. as you can see the ones on the cones were early tries and not as successful :(

    share the icecream~!

  6. Alamak! I missed this post entirely! And of course, your brain is way too pretty! :):) But I love it.So do I your ice cream. The expression on Yotsuba , classic!


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