Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yotsuba's Teatime - Fruit Tarts!

Yotsuba's Teatime - Picnik collage
Originally uploaded by Snowfern

I limited my play time with clay to an hour, so it was mostly assembling stuff i had already made. this is what i came up with, a couple of orange tarts using a segmented orange mold i'd made quite a while back (i vaguely remember blogging about it....sheesh i'd have to check ).

i think it's quite sweet :D here's Yotsuba in the cafe, she wants her tea! she's also brought her friends to join her ^ ^


  1. i love yotsuba!!!!! u got ur figurine online?

  2. hi hashbrown!

    ya greedbay, paid way too much for her but sooo worth it i LOVE her!

    this one i paid almost SGD30, inclusive of shipping which is twice what my friend paid during last year's AFA, i want the summer vacation version but that's USD50 :(

  3. 1 hour??! That's amazing for 1 hour's work!

  4. thanks ilovelittlethings!

    haha no la Sans, i made the components a long time ago, only thing i did was mix up a bit of frosting and put them together. i have a whole lot of other stuff i made the last few days, each time spending no more than 3 hrs on clay...

    wait for the next post ;)


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