Monday, October 12, 2009

Thank You Sue!!!!

Thank You Sue!!!!
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oh wow, i feel so undeserving of these, they are from a new friend, Sue, look at how gorgeous they are!! i have watched Totoro at least AT LEAST 5 times, so this is indeed a treat for me :D

but i have to admit, i've fallen head over heels in love with the bear. he's soooo tiny! i think bear-ly (haha) 1.5cm tall! i really don't know how she did it :O and he's jointed and poseable too!

Thank you SOO much Sue! <3 made my day *still beaming*

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  1. Wah.. so adorable! I've recently bought a TOTORO toy for a classmate and then now u have it too!! What a coincidence!




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