Friday, October 7, 2011

Breakfast sets and learning photography

If only I could indulge in breakfast like that every morning ;) hurhur. Everything on and including the plate made by me! Mostly air dry clay, 'cept for the cucumber and tomatoes. available here :)

made a 1:4 version too! going to try one in 1:3 later if my hand/shoulder loosens up.

all I did yesterday was carry an MDF board from Daiso to the office, and BLAM. can't turn my head to the right anymore without feeling pain shoot down my shoulder and back. :( stupid old injuries. Luckily bf is always around to help me work out the knot, it'll take a good week + to heal still, so i'm taking it easy for now.

put together some afternoon snack sets :) I'm playing around with different styles and colours....I think I've settled on modern minimalist shabby chic industrial kawaii goth traditional eclectic for my style. :P So you can expect a variety of things going up on Etsy! I hope to be able to concentrate on just a few or one eventually....meanwhile i'm having quite a bit of fun just going with the flow!

or something for your doll's bakery or party? :) 

i'm very pleased with the new photography setup I have :P I recently had a pretty good conversation with a professional photographer (thanks Richard!) and he has inspired me to make more effort in taking pictures. i'm still learning, and quite liking the results! maybe i'll whine alot less about crappy photos from now on (including fewer tantrums while editing photos XD) anyway, all items featured above are on my etsy now :)

Here's what i did. there have been numerous previous attempts at building my own lightbox, which worked decently but the box was so flimsy and ugly. moreover, i still hadn't learnt the fundamentals of lighting (still working on it!!! *whines* ) and selecting good complementing backgrounds.

this is a plain storage unit/box from Daiso! hurhur!!! i've seen similar going for more at Muji, another fave Japanese store that I LOVE to visit. it's about 9" L x 5 1/2"W x 6 1/2"H. what i like is the semi translucency of the white (almost all my storage units, drawers, boxes are made of the same plastic, i heart it much!) which sort of diffuses the light, minimizing the reflection and overexposure on the subject. look at me, trying to get all fancy with photography speak (did i get it right though huh?!? :P )

as to backgrounds, i think i'll just 'wing it' and pull out random pieces from my stash of scrapbooking/construction/origami papers since i still can't imagine what goes well with what. curse this lack of visualization skills. i'll still stick with natural lighting if i can, but i think this is best for item listings.

a suggestion made by another photographer acquaintance (Thanks Zheng!) was that i place a white piece of paper on the left to bounce off the light, i'll totally do that later! can't believe i'm getting excited about this XD

for larger items, i will tack some tracing paper onto my lamps and work with it. results so far have been rather pleasing too :) (this was before i got the daiso box) the overhead lighting gives a more 'artificial lighting' feel, but it does seem to highlight the details very well (poke the picture for larger view)

lit from either side vs overhead lighting, using Daiso box. i think either one is good depending on my purpose, i do always prefer the overhead one, but again, it just seems too fluorescent huh :( Yotsuba's gonna have a massive stomachache after that meal.....(those beans!) XD

I'm also doing a clearing out some of my stash/stocks/supplies, will probably make little grab bags available for cheap cos i realize only now how little space i have left, and i want to make so many more new things!!!! XD will update then. i will put in a mix of some of my older works, as well as a stash of little cupcake papers (the old 12 fold ones) that i found.....i will make it a 'blog only' sale, will update with a new post then! stay tuned!


  1. Wowow! They look great! (especially the swan pastries... I wanna eat one in real life). The photography set up looks similar to mine, nice and compact... don't you love that we only have to take pictures of minis?

    And your photography speak sounds very fluent to me.. I actually understood it! lol

    Hope you feel better!

  2. Oooh wow! The food is awesome! So perfect!

    I still just use natural light and a lot of photoshop for my pics. I kinda hate lightboxes ><

  3. hee hee thanks Ann! I've yet to try one myself yet :-/ i think i can only enjoy taking photographs of minis, unlike with minis, i can only take editing photos in small doses!

    your photos are BEAUTIFUL i always thought you used natural light :O

    thanks, i do feel a little better, took painkillers all of yesterday, enduring the pain today so i can squeeze some work in :( those painkillers knocked me out half of yesterday! XD

  4. Stephanie~~~~ thank you *blush*

    lucky you! in the office, there is just one small half of a window (hard to explain lol) and since i work so slowly, by the time i organize and set up the space for phototaking, night has fallen :( since i can't work at night (terrible astigmatism) i prefer to take photos in a lightbox, though nothing beats natural light!

    i hate editing pics. HATE. the only thing i did with these photos was use picnik reduce the resolution/size cos i can't figure out the settings on my camera still LOL -_-""""""""""""

  5. WONDERFUL Photos and Food!
    Love both!

  6. The breakfast plates are beautiful, colors, arrangements, plates themselves, everything!!! Love the awesome packaging, especially the printed cellos!!! Keep on swimming :)))

  7. Great share!!! I've always been frustrated about how to set up a light box at home! You gave me a great idea!

  8. I dun understand all your photography language lah... but I think all your photos look great (even the not so perfect ones)! I mean, if you dont show me, I wont know what is wrong!

  9. it's so nice to wake up to such encouraging comments! thank you all so much :) *grins happily*

  10. Las fotos son muy importantes en las miniaturas, bien aprovechadas las clases¡¡¡
    Tus trabajos magistrales.
    Muchas felicidades


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