Friday, October 14, 2011

Paper Bag Printables

 Another Printable for your personal use! You can find it here on my etsy :)
 The printable includes a guide (or is it vice versa? XD ) to help beginners to making miniature paper printies create a professional finish to their little printies! I guess I consider it a foundation guide to making paper minis, can be suited to anyone really!

Originally wanted to put this up for sale before the macaron boxes printable, but the guide took a lot longer than I thought it would -_-"
also included is a blank version, so it can be used as lunch bags, or a grocery paper bag as well :)

of course, cos i hate those pesky fold lines that are often found on templates, i made my printable in such a way that you can quickly make up batches of bags, with minimal fuss and wrinkles  (to the bag, -and- your forehead!)..hurhurhur......

Check out the rest of my printables here, in the printables section of my Etsy.....and a big big thank you to those of you who purchased my first macaron box printable!! I will be making matching pastry box printables once I am satisfied with the design :P

do let me know what you think of these! nitenite~~~

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  1. Snowfern, really nice :-). These also make the breads marketable --> Munch-the-Bread-on-the-Go!


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