Thursday, October 13, 2011

Printable: Macaron and Cookie Boxes

Now available here on my etsy, for personal use only.

 I've been looking for nice packaging for a modern bakery, alas, many of the miniature boxes available seem to favour the 'victorian' type, too plain, or too fancy for my liking. i have spent the last 3 days at the office drawing little vectors of various bakery items, and thought that maybe some of you might like to have a set of your own too :)
 thus the printable! I made the boxes to accommodate macarons and cookies of up to 5mm in diameter, in this photo you can see the 2 sizes of macarons i usually make in 1:12(4mm and 5mm) :)
 what i disliked most about most of the box designs out there is the visible folding line, so i constructed my boxes such that i could score, fold, cut then glue them in batches with ease. and they have a clean simple design that (i find) works well in mini!
 will soon have the other boxes ready (for cupcakes, pastries etc) as a printable too, and put them in the printables section of my etsy store and update the news here when they are ready :) They should be made available by this weekend! the boxes will also be available in other colours, so far I've found this Salmon Pink, Pink and Brown to work best, yellow seems too light, but orange works well for me too! Any other suggestions are welcome, and if there's enough demand i might even make customized/commercial versions(but no promises!)

I printed mine on A4 sized 180gsm Glossy Photo Paper by Epson, on an HP Deskjet 1050 All-in-one printer, on "Photo Paper, Best Quality" setting. I used "Bostik" brand tacky glue, i find just a thin layer of tacky glue works best when working with papers. you can also seal it with a spray varnish suitable for papers to protect the prints/colours.

hope you like what you see! ;P


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you Cindy, they are lovely. I shall download them as soon as I stop writing. Minihugs Rosanna

  3. Hey you :) I am back and catching up with all your posts.

    I see your "proteges" have started their blogs. Miniaturists in Singapore UNITE! :)

    I am swarmed with work and can hardly breathe. Often tired at day's end :(. No time to even swim anymore. Anyhoo, shouldn't be griping here.

    Great work, Cinds!

  4. Hi dearie, did you find my order?
    do not dare add anyhthing !!!!hugs Ro

  5. Thanks everyone! ^ ^

    Sans, sounds like you need a big comforting huggggg~~~~ *HUGS* owe you a real life one when we can find time to meet :)

    Rosanna! yes thank you sooo much!! did you check your email (the one in your etsy?) i have already sent you the pdf, and will mail out your other purchase tomorrow.... *bigbighug!*

  6. The macarons and cookies are perfect in these lovely boxes.

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