Saturday, May 9, 2009

to sell, or not to sell?

i kept busy today. i made more macarons cos the tower needed modifications. made mini eclairs (but no pics cos i forgot to take them), made molds of containers, which was a total flop cos i messed up ha ha. made boxes for macarons cos i was sick of them cluttering up my workspace. made myself smile cos i got news that my cousin's bangle was featured on cuteable. probably made her smile too when i notified her.

made lunch for myself. instant noodles, whee.

made more boxes, packed up Joanne's order, made a mess of my room.

i think i need to spend tomorrow packing up before i can make up my mind on what to sell, and at what price, and if people would even buy my stuff :(

time to zzzzzz...g'nite world!


  1. I think you should, but you already know what I think :P

  2. Ok dear,its about time u put up more stuff on yr etsy,of cuz pple will buy,u must believe in yrself!!

    Good Luck,
    Joanne Teh

  3. thank you Betty and Joanne! yes, i'm about to start taking pics of my work, right now i'm finishing up my very first prep board, i hope it will be uhh satisfactory? heheh



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