Thursday, May 14, 2009

As promised, the Eclair Tutorial!

yes, i know it's humongous. :P

ok. time to get to bed. let me know what you think of it, constructive criticisms are welcome! i can take it! *puffs up chest*


  1. Awesome tutorial! Thank you thank you Thank YOU!!! May I post the tutorial on the mini food blog (of course with your links included on the post)? Or, would you like to join the mini food blog as an author and post the tutorial yourself?
    Let me me at!

  2. Hi, thank you sooooooooooooo much for sharing!!!!!


  3. thanks so much for the tutitorial on the eclairs.
    I checked out your etsy site too. Your work is beautiful and realistic.

  4. You might consider contacting CDHM and sharing this tutorial with them ... it's excellent!

  5. Thanks Sumaiya, Daisy, Eli and Donna!

    yes! i've already posted this up on CDHM the moment i got it up here ;)

    just wanted to give back to the community a little bit of what they've given to me!

  6. Thank You Snownfern zeh zeh!!! Ya. me ish frm edmw. Ur tutorial very comprehensive! I wan more!(but gt to try tis out 1st)

    Anyway, ur macro shooting skills sometimes good sometimes bad like underexposed pics(dark pics). Can teach u if u wan.

  7. hASHbrown: teach ley!!!! don't hold back!! put up tutorial also! :P

  8. Wow! Your directions are excellent! I tried it, and my eclairs look wonderful. This was super easy to understand--and a great idea, too. :) Thank you so much.

  9. Hi Stacey, and welcome to my blog!

    Thanks! I would love to see pics of your eclairs!! i'm so happy someone tried it out and it proved successful ^ ^ sometimes what works for one might not work for another, eh???

    ^ ^

  10. Hi, thank you for the tutorial, how long do you put the eclair back in the oven for once you add the chocolate? I was worried about the already baked eclair burning? Thank you for any help you could give me I am new to miniatures

    Priscilla x

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  12. Dear Cindy, I'd like to ask for the permission to publish a picture and a link of your tutorial on my blog as "Link of the Day"? That would be very nice.
    Sincerely Andrea


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