Thursday, May 7, 2009

busy days again...

this will be pretty obvious to miniature makers ;P

i was walking around with my cousin and i managed to spot these two tiny bottles on display. i asked how much they were (i usually purchase mine in a pack of 5 for SGD4.90, it's a 'nail art kit') and she said $2 per bottle. i politely declined even though i was tempted, since these were hard to find in Singapore. as i walked off, she beckoned to me and said those were her last two bottles, so she'll let me have them for $2 total! whee! i still think it's alot more expensive than if i ordered online (albeit in bulk), but i still thought it a steal!

cousin then went to get her eyebrows shaped, and i saw that the parlour carried many more other colours of the micro beads. for the same sized jar, the saleslady quoted me SGD$25!! omg! i rolled my eyes and said "NO THANKS, it's TOO EXPENSIVE"....she didn't even flinch, she simply turned and asked if i would like my eyebrows shaped instead...for SGD$5.

it's cousin's hols, and she decided to come play with me ;P our mini adventures begin here! let's unveil it tomorrow to see if it's successful :O
old stuff ...i still have to work on my caning skills but i think i'm slowly getting there....slowly............

on a side note, i've found what has been irritating my left eye. i think a tiny splinter of balsa wood got in :( i tried tweezing it out (it's on the inside of my lower left eyelid) but to no avail. i know i shouldn't have, but really! i thought it would be sure didn't hurt when i dug at it HAHA.

eva's in her cage now. not just because it's bedtime, she's taken to 'naughty' puppy stuff like chewing shoes. *heavy sigh* i really hate caging her up, but i don't want to encourage such behaviour...what am i to do? :(

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