Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Introducing: Asuka Sakumo

look at these adorable bunny wagashi?

Wagashi on Wiki

and those boxes?
and those teeny weeny oh-so-cute bumblebees?

I first took notice of this talented miniaturist (is this the term for obsessive people like us?) when I saw a pic of her Totoro bento box.

took a double take at the size of it in relation to her keyboard (dang, even the KEYBOARD is pretty, neh?)

well, i know not many ppl read this blog, but i just want to post about her so that i can bookmark her, and also to 'steal' pretty pictures of her work! (don't worry i asked for her permission to post already!)

man. this post has too many exclamation marks. ANYWAY.

Asuka Sakumo @ Flickr
Asuka Sakumo @ deviantART

Asuka Sakumo @ Blogspot

see more of her cool stuff, she does conceptual art too :)

finally, her homage to one of my fave anime series of all time, Honey and Clover....
lovely, just lovely :) Thanks for sharing your wonderful work with us Asuka Sakumo!


  1. hi snowfern,

    thanks again for featuring me on your blog here.
    i'm really honoured. ^.^

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