Sunday, May 31, 2009

Miniature Japanese Lamp

Japanese Lamp, my version of
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it's been a hectic and exciting weekend!

made my first etsy sale, and then some! i have a parcel all nicely packed and waiting for the post office to open tomorrow, it's going all the way to France~~ Vive la France! The buyer's really nice and made some really nice comments on my work, i'm almost embarrassed > <

anyway, prior to all that excitement, i made this lamp cos the weather's been so hot the clay is wilting in my hands. using washi paper, basswood and balsa wood, and a tad bit of varnish, i came up with this simple design. i quite like it it looks real elegant (to me) i might have to make a japanese roombox judging from the number of japanese themed items i've been making lately......

on another note, Eva's been moody all morning, and grandma says she had diarrhoea today while i was out :( poor doggy, i thought she was just mad at me cos i chided her for not finishing her breakfast (i thought she was holding out for human food, grandma tends to sneak in treats all throughout the day!)

tomorrow, errands to run, and SHOPPING!!!!! woot!

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