Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Think Pink: Cookies!

so. i tried making salmon sashimi canes and that was an utter failure. X3. i will post up pics of them (sigh) but meanwhile, here's what i did with the remaining clay. i squished them up and they turned pink, so i made cookies!

there's bonbon, waiting patiently for her afternoon tea ;)

on another note, i just cleaned up puppy puke. i gave her a piece of corn on the cob, and didn't know she'd actually eat up the cob as well :O well. since she loved the first piece so much (raw) i gave her a second one (cooked) and she happily chewed that up. i know i know, don't kill me i've never owned a dog before and the "what dogs should not eat" list did not include corn :( now that i've cleaned up her puke (she very considerately puked onto her blanket/towel too) i know better! she seems ok though, bouncing around crazily as always.

i hope she's alright. *stares balefully out door at cute little munchkin*

anyway. i've also finally put up more stuff on etsy, not really getting much traffic, not really knowing how to increase it either. but it's there! so buy stuff from me! so i can buy more clay!

time to play with a forlorn looking puppy (she always does this when i'm in the room, sit by the door and stare balefully at me argh!)


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