Saturday, November 27, 2010

my new photoshoot area

I know i know, you've seen these before...and finally i've put them up for sale!

Wear these on your ears! Available on my Etsy! These hang downwards and lower on the earlobe...

And these are the upright ones, but i suppose you could twist them around in any direction :D Find them here!

Shell shaped macarons here!


haha ok promo time is over. now to the usual stuff, and i have finally finally made the display unit as i promised i would! for my regular readers, you probably have recognized Rosanna's beautiful signboard, last shown off here :P back then, i promised myself that i would build a unit worthy of displaying those gifts.

i've mentioned countless times how i'm terrible at conceptualizing and design, so i have to work with what i -know- how to do. which is to work on individual items, and then hope everything comes together while i play 'lego' with the pieces :X as always, i forgot to take pics while in-progress cos my hands are usually gesso'd or sticky with glue/paint. 

i started out with a quarter-circle that i cut out with mounting board. the walls and floor are double thickness mounting board, glued together with tacky glue, and gesso'd up before spray painted white. i suppose i needn't have used gesso, but i wanted to give the walls a slight texture (not very noticeable but in my heart i know :X ) and make sure the mounting board would not warp too much after application of paint. see, at that point, i hadn't even decided on wallpaper or paint, nor paintbrush vs spraypaint. i pretty much did every single element on-the-fly. the pink lace detail on the floor was added cos i felt a plain white room would be very blah, and i had a plastic doily so why not use it? stippled the floor with pink paint, laid the doily on top, and spray painted with 4-5 very light coats of white acrylic spray paint. then i assembled the walls and floors with more tacky glue.

the shelves i made using metal jewel filigree bent with pliers at 90 degree angles, then stuck on a pre-scored basswood board strips. honestly, i didn't know how it'd wind up looking, i was more concerned with the functionality rather than the aesthetics. luckily, everything 'worked' as it should, and they held on with tacky glue strong enough to hold the items i'll be displaying on them.

Yotsuba likes it too! i like how 'coincidentally' Rosanna's items and my other props sit on the shelves too :)

overall, i think it works, i highly doubt i'll fill it up as i want to use this to sell individual pieces. i like the simplicity and versatility of it, and my next display will be more towards my 'style', as i develop it further. thanks for reading and looking :)


  1. Cindy, it's brilliant ! It's so nice to look at your pics and think " I know this girl".
    Is there anything you cannot do with your hands?
    Warm hugs from a very cold Genoa, Rosanna

  2. Cindy, your madeleines are so realistic that I got a little shock when I saw metal studs poking from behind. This is despite knowing already that they are minis. LOL!

  3. will you be selling your cupcake cases again?

  4. I build very similarly to you.. in that little is planned and everything else is sort of on the fly. I prefer building this way because its like a surprise at the end! lol

    Your display turned out great and the pictures just look lovely with them.

    Also, wonderful idea on using the filigree as the shelf brackets.. I need to try that out myself.


  5. love the madeleines and the lighting in the photos!!


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