Monday, November 1, 2010

1:12 ang ku kueh

made this for bf's mom! ang ku kueh is a steamed snack, literally translated, "ang" - red, "ku" - turtle, "kueh" - cake. red turtle cakes! i guess they were named thus since they resemble turtleshells. :P reminds me of ninja turtles...which in turn reminds me of my backpack....which reminds me, i gotta pack am heading over to cousin's place in a few hours to stay over, taking Eva (my maltese) to her first playdate! ain't free association fun? :P

the fillings are traditionally sweet or salty green bean paste covered with a thin layer of sticky /glutinous rice flour. these days, you can even find durian flavoured ang ku kueh. my grandma likes the black salty one, i'm not sure what the filling is though i am not so fond of eating these as when i was a child...

the pink comma shaped 'kueh' has a savoury filling of steamed whole glutinous rice grains, often with dried shrimp, fried shallots, groundnuts etc etc. we sometimes eat it with a sweet black sauce, and they taste even better if they've been fried! the glutinous rice skin crisps up umnumnum! starchy goodness! then again it seems to me that almost anything tastes better when fried crisp XD

will discuss the procedure during the library talk THIS SATURDAY. but for those who can't make it, you know i will post about it when it is over ;)

oh yeah, and for those who wish to attend, registration is via the library website itself, just click on the "add to cart" button, fill up the relevant fields and check out. registration is free, but last minute walk-ins can also register at the door i believe. i doubt the venue will be filled up, was told it should be able to accommodate 30 ppl comfortably....

i do apologize (again :( ) for the slow/lack of response. the script itself has been keeping me busy, and i had to dig through my old posts and online galleries for photos as i had deleted many many of my older pics! :(


  1. Hey Cindy,
    If I were not in confinement, I'd surely be there to support! All da best!


  2. I pressed add to cart but there isn nag things that need to be filled up.sry for asking so much.

  3. Thanks May! congrats again on your latest mini! XD

    Anonymous, i think after you add to cart, you must click on the "check out" button to complete it. i am not too sure myself cos i didn't try it (haha i don't need to register!)

    but like i've mentioned, as long as you're not late, they should have no reason to turn you away either. thanks for trying! hope to see you there :)

  4. Wah Liow! Siow liao! Those are exactly like the real things. Please bring these to our next meet!


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