Thursday, November 25, 2010


polymer clay madeleines in 1:4 scale! the longer 'classic' madeleines are 1.7cm or 5/8 inch long, while the shell ones are 1.2cm or 7/16 inch wide/long.

you can click for larger pic. these are also flat-backed, i made a couple of fully textured (front/back) madeleines, but it's started to rain, bad lighting for pics T-T

which makes them suitable for moderately large earrings! i also made some in 1:3 and 1:12 scales, but that'll be in a future lengthy post in which i'll discuss my 'method' of making them. yea, get ready for another 'failure' post XD will list these, along with a medium and small size once i get them done. and the pics. which i foresee will take forever. so i guess i'll have to try and get them all done and up by end of next week??(that's as self-motivational as i get these days har har) i bought like, 72 earring posts so you can look forward to some other earring designs too :D

on a more personal note, i finally finally met up with my long-time customer Joanne :) she was so sweet and brought along her little blythes, and even a pullip, but we didn't take that many pics cos the lighting wasn't that great -_-" i wish i could have played with her little toys a bit more, but as usual, i'm deathly afraid of damaging or dirtying another person's possessions, so i limited my contact with them XD thank you for the lovely tea-time Joanne! see you next year! ;)

i plan on finally FINALLY making a 'proper' photo set up, i've disassembled my previous peach horror, i mean i liked it cos i learnt how to make a display unit out of it, but i'm sick to death of how it clashes with much of the colours i use in my works. or lack thereof. let's see how much i get done today ;P


  1. the shading is brilliant, makes the madeleines (can't spell!) really realistic! :)

  2. Very nice work :).

    That abacus in your peach horror pic is so cute!

    Have you recovered yet? Over here, I have caught another bout of cold. Super irritated!

  3. Your peach horror is not that bad ! I love the madeleines and I cannot wait to see them in 1:12.
    You are all with a cold down there in Singapore? take care and a warm hug, Rosanna

  4. Your madeleines are perfect. The texture is very good. Yummy!

  5. Estas madalenas están perfectas. Tu consigues la comida perfecta.
    Me encanta.
    Besos Clara

  6. Thanks Jocelyn :D LTNS!

    Sans, get well soon :( i hope it wasn't my strain of the cold that you caught :O i'm much better now, heading out to town with bf today.....sick of being at home! the abacus is from Re-ment :P

    ROSANNA! haha i am not tearing apart the peach horror, but maybe will give it a paintover and see if i can breathe new life into it....the last mini meet was a cough-fest, 3 of us hacking away (me being the most virulent i think :X ) it's monsoon season and the weather does not help our sensitive sinuses!


    Thank you Genevieve! as much as i liked making these, i don't like eating them....maybe all i've tried were not-so-nice madeleines :X

    Thank you Clara! ^ ^

  7. Dear Cindy,

    no worries about dirtying them.Next time we meet near citysquare mall near the swimming pool,the air is fresh and we can hang out longer there.See u next yr,:P

    I had a good time,see ya soon!!

    Joanne Teh


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