Wednesday, November 17, 2010

hey where's santa?

Gingerbread Boy & Girl enjoying a sleigh ride after decorating their christmas tree! Available here ^ ^ 

 or perhaps a cheerier sleigh with cookies? also available here :P

this design featured in the white sleigh combo are also available separately here....

or if you'd like to have a variation, you can get these too.....

this is the most christmassy i've ever gotten since childhood! 

will put up more items once i feel better. i didn't know that today was a public holiday here in Singapore, and went down to the clinic at 7.45am hoping to get some antibiotics for my sinus infection. it wasn't open T-T i'll list more items when i get them done, look forward to more christmassy items, i'm excited, are you??? :D :D :D

(btw, i don't know how gingerbread cookies should taste like, but i LOVE those mcvities ginger snaps.....i tried making my own gingerbread cookies aeons ago and though they tasted 'decent', they didn't taste anything like the ginger snaps!)


  1. Cindy, I cannot believe my eyes! you are a nature force !!! they are unbelievably fabulous! Again and again, you ARE a genius! Hugs Rosanna
    PS take care of yourself.

  2. Wow, your piping practise really paid off. Your piping is fabulous!

  3. All of your miniature are so beautiful!!!!

  4. You're the piping master under the miniaturists :)
    I hope you get better soon as well :)

    And yay for Xmas!!


  5. Cindy, double thumbs up for the choice of colours. It's not your usual green and red. Love the cookie combo especially but the deep red for the sleighs made them look classical and more traditional.

    One of the best Xmas items I have seen so far!

    I love ginger cookies too. Been trying to find a good brand

  6. These are wonderful! I love the sleigh.

  7. Everything looks absolutely beautiful. I can't get over the detail on the

  8. You are so talented, your products are amazing!!
    Feel better ^^

  9. Cindy, These are so STUNNING!!!!!!! I really love the idea of a sleigh to carry the cookies!! Brilliant work again!


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