Tuesday, December 7, 2010

1:12 journals

there have been countless discussions between Asuka, Susan and I regarding making mini books. as much as i love printies, it's hard to get a good resolution on such a small scale with my *censored* printer. so when i found a darling little gift wrap paper at a neighbourhood provision store, i snapped it up ^ ^.

and it sat in my room collecting dust for over 3 mths -_-"

i wanted to add a little bit more 'flair' and colour to my settings, and after spending 2 weeks sorting out and re-arranging my work area, i re-visited the idea of making the books. i don't remember how, but i stumbled across a wonderful tutorial, here:


these are 'working' journals! yea, you only have like, 16 pages for the thicker ones, and 8 for the thinner, but my dolls aren't too pensive so it'll do ;) i left them blank cos i didn't have the heart to scribble in them. they are approx 1/2" x 3/4" each. 

also, made some little baskets for displaying, ionos. stuff.

Stitch and Scrump are from Re-ment :) i forget which set -_-" they work wonderfully well as bookends!

NOT a mini, but Eva's wearing a 1:2 scale hat XD it might be 1:3, ionos, the hard hat is actually some sweet container cover. tee hee. she needs a trim. kneecap belongs to my youngest bro whom i found tempting Eva using the hat to cover some tidbits. -_-"

am trying desperately to recover from this 2nd bout of flu, the trendy year-end viruses are going around....i hope to recover by this weekend as Asuka is exhibiting at STGCC, and i hope to be there to lend her some support :) more info can be found on her blog here:


i know, it's strange that the ticketing info isn't on the main page itself...zzzzzz so here's a direct link:


off to rest......T-T


  1. Those journals are perfectly scored. You really are 110% neat :). Your baskets ( and painting )are very realistic.

    I was going to check with you which day you want to go to STCC. Ok email you before I go for dance prac.

    Eva is sooooooooooooooo cute! And she looks like a bookend ..teehee

  2. I'm sick too!!!! =(
    but i felt better today liao.

    i wanna go STGCC too.. when r u going & who r u going with??


  3. FABULOUS !!!!! I love them.Rosanna

  4. wonderful!! can't believe you made so many! I would have been tired after making 1 :)

  5. Love those books! They are really well done, I need to make some too. I have tons of colored papers at home, so it should be doable :P

    And Re-emnt is cool to fill up the space with some color :D


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