Thursday, October 28, 2010

Local Fare at the Library!

massive load of pictures!!! 

kolo mee, aka wantan mee, aka char siew mee, aka roasted pork noodles with dumplings.

fishball and minced meat with flat noodles (supposed to be dry type but i overdid the resin XD )

fishball kway teow soup

this tiny thing makes me feel a little bit of rage, wasted 2 days trying to make the darned red/green chillis. and in person, it just looks like a black mess, but not so bad in pics....gah. please excuse the blu-tack 

one of my fave breakfast items...chwee kueh, which is preserved radish on steamed rice flour cakes (?) mmm oily goodness! 

for my non-singaporean readers, these food items might not seem familiar to you, i hope they are immediately recognizable to my regional readers though!! the chee cheong fun, or steamed rice rolls in sweet sauce is another fave of mine. 

they are wound up a little too tightly though, just like me XD the real stuff lies a lot flatter.....

 and of course, deep fried dough fritters, or you tiao aka yew char kueh!  with beh huay jee (butterfly fry??) which is dough with sugar and sesame seed topping, deep fried to chewy yumminess. i love eating these, but i recall as a kid being rather terrible and tearing off just the sugary bits.

ok if i were to eat them now, i would do the same, only with more guilt XD

dipping these into a hot cuppa milo and letting it soak up the hot chocolatey drink...before attempting to manoeuvre the long floppy dough stick into my mouth without creating a big mess. THAT was a challenge. when you are 6, of course.

or have it with porridge!

i never tried sliced mushroom porridge, i would imagine it would be nice? or maybe it'll look nicer than it tastes....

if it were plain porridge, a bit of pickled veges would add ZING!

 i made all of these the past month because i realized i had not been focusing on any local fare since i started making minis. so why not now, eh? ^ ^  they are made mostly with air dry clay and epoxy resin, and given my limited experiences with ADC i'm glad they turned out reasonably well (barring some colour issues, curse those greens and reds! XD )

see all of these next week (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg....i'm not prepared!) and the library! i had been invited a few months back when they 'found' me via theminifoodblog and asked if i would like to talk about miniatures :O  i will talk about ....gee basically whatever i usually discuss here in this blog, as well as some business aspects, but that to me is the *yawn* boring stuff :P

Date/Time:Saturday Nov 6, 2:00PM - Saturday Nov 6, 4:00PM
Venue:Activity Room in Sengkang Public Library

see you there!


  1. Cindy,

    Congrats!! Great work and I'm sure you will do well on your talk at the Library! Go wow them!

    Pei Li

  2. woo congrats on your talk invite XD and chwee kueh! I miss it alot >_< is epoxy resin hard to do?

  3. Wonderful work, congratulations!

  4. Now THIS makes me hungry!!! Might have to drag Miniman to our local Chinese/Japanese combination restaurant later on - it's the closest we'll get to this.

    And he won't take much dragging!!!

    BTW thanks for taking part in my Halloween giveaway!

    Good luck!

  5. Hi! They are sooo cute! Can I ask you where you get those takeaway boxes where you put the youtiao? Cause they're so cute!!

  6. Erm.I wanna go th talk ,but how to register??

  7. As I sad before, I LOVE your porridges! :)
    Hahaha, I haven't see your noodles before, haven't I? Suddenly I have a craving for wanton noodles again.

  8. Hi Cindy,

    This is the first time, that I left a comment in your blog..your works are amazingly fine with details and all , I especially like the deep fried dough fritters in your hand made plastic bags...awesomely cute and really fine to even the smallest details. Keep up all the good work..hope that you are able to Miniature hobbies to the nest level in Singapore. :))


  9. oops sorry I meant next level LOL!

  10. Una entrada masiva de hambre. Has trabajado mucho y muy bien. Me gusta este tipo de comida real y veo que es más dificil de hacer que la comida occidental.
    Te doy la bienvenida a mi blog y espero que pases momentos agradables cuando lo visites.
    Besos Clara

  11. hey Peili!

    thanks! i wish we had more time to chat the last time we met, i guess i was so nervous that day i rambled non-stop and didn't get a chance to know you better!! maybe we should hold another miniature meet soon! this time make it closer to your work area :P

  12. Chun <3!

    it is a little tricky to work with but once you get some practice in, can be a breeze. problem lies in that it can be toxic, and i have started to develop allergies to it. i get weird hives as soon as i start working with epoxy these sad :(

  13. thank you Genevieve! i wish i had more time to be more active in blogland, i remember being to your blog and smiling as i looked through your collection of minis! i will definitely take some time off to catch up with my blog friends once things slow down...

  14. hey Emma! oooo i'm intrigued by overseas versions of asian food, it seems so funny to me that they serve foods that aren't even seen in the regions they supposedly are from!

    what do you usually order????

    i was discussing french food with Sans and Asuka during one of our previous meets, and i realised, the only 'french' food (other than desserts and breads) i think i've tried is...escargot??? i'm sure i've tried other watered down/localized versions but hadn't known they're french -_-"

  15. hey YummyYummy.....i got the takeaway boxes from Mdm Ang's at sunshine plaza #01-75 (see i get asked so often i even memorized the address -_-")

    i usually get my supplies of plates etc from her, or via ebay :)

  16. oh and the boxes aren't 1:12 scale, i think they're more 1:8-1:6? (3.3cm wide) that's why the youtiao looks dwarfed in there. then again the youtiao is a little short too....:X

  17. hey Anonymous, you can register for the talk online at the site itself, just "add to cart" and checkout. registration is free. you can also walk-in and register at the door i believe on the day itself? please don't be late! :P see you~! remember to introduce yourself!

  18. Asuka, sankew~ ya at that time i showed you all the porridge the noodles were waiting to dry before i added the ingredients...the bowls were the ones we went to get together at mdm ang's remember??? hee

  19. hi Charlene,

    thanks for your kind works :) i hope to raise more than a little awareness to the hobby of scale dollhouse miniatures in SG, definitely! hope you can make it to the talk :) come and say hi!

  20. Thank goodness for bloggggggging!

    I feel like I have caught up with everything that you have done while I was away.

    I have seen most of the others except the Wan Ton noodles which is fabulous, Cindy! You have got the char siew down pat!

    You know how much I love those packets of porridge. I have no more words to describe your creativity! Except "enfitict!" which is my word verification. I will henceforth use that word to describe Great Greatness !


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