Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!!

the results are out, i came in 3rd!! WOOT! thanks to all who voted for me! ^ ^

i really enjoyed making the items for this contest, i have never made such elaborate canes (do strawberry canes count??) and had so much fun i now have lots of leftovers, i suppose i could put them up for sale but don't think the parcels will make it in time for halloween eh???? really enjoyed making the cookies too, not that they're very noticeable....hrm. OH! and the candles came about cos i had lots of waste clay from caning and such, and felt the display needed a bit more fillers. i seriously need to build more display units, these are getting a tad overused XD

it's hard to take better pics of the teeny candies, which range from 1.5-2mm. and the candy corn are approx 1.5mm long, fave is of course the pumpkin witch! had to actually name the entry, i couldn't think of one so i just submitted it as (don't groan!!!) "Punkin' Pumpkin!" XD XD XD as to the HUGE pumpkin thingies in the back/foreground, i had actually tried to smoosh up the 'waste' clay from the cane, and they emerged from the pasta machine all cute and i couldn't bear to turn them into a gunky blob, so now they're acting as bookmarks :D :D :D

click for larger view :) or you could view the winning entries at ! i would have voted for either Rosie Vargas' or Lisa Bounds' entries, but i couldn't decide, and by the time i remembered that i'd forgotten to vote the voting had closed!!! *slaps own forehead*


  1. WOW!!!! You must be over the moon !?? How's Chang Er? :):) hehe! I see that all the other entries are very good as well. I am so proud of you, my friend!


  2. Congratulations! XD I'm happy that you won 3rd!

  3. HEY!!! Congratulations Cindy! That's awesome! I love that scene you made, it definitely deserved to win.

  4. Congratulations Cindy :-))
    groetjes Ingrid

  5. congratulations! your work is awesome :)


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