Thursday, October 21, 2010

1:12 chinese noodles, and an important announcement! ^ ^

alas. they are somewhat of a failure T-T but i learnt alot in making these!

this dish is supposed to be "Hor Fun", i don't know what it translates into cos i don't speak cantonese nor understand much of it. it's a one dish meal found in almost every coffee shop that has a 'zi char' stall, something like a mini restaurant kitchen (?) anyway, it's flat rice noodles cut into large square pieces, sauteed and served with a gooey starchy gravy with prawns, pork slices, leafy veges and sometimes fish cake + squid rings. my version has only the prawns, lean pork slices and veges cos those are my fave ingredients to go with it XD

i consider this a failure because i messed up on the noodles bit :( i used a grace + daiso white lightweight clay, i forget the ratio but i know i added more grace cos i wanted the translucency, thing is, i wasn't sure if the daiso clay would absorb the resin even after it's dry. well, now i know :( if not for the 'charred' bits of the noodles, i think it's hard to even see the noodles!
since i had leftover resin, i made an additional portion in a smaller bowl. i suppose if i used my imagination i can almost see the noodles XD

i don't suppose anyone could identify this, T-T it's another version of flat rice noodles, this time it's in thinner strips. the dish name is "ipoh hor fun", which is rice noodles with braised mushroom, shredded chicken and vegetables. but again, the dried clay soaked up the resin, thus discolouring it. i suppose if i wanted to make it more realistic, i wouldn't care, but it's hard to tell from the congealed mess what it is!!! gahhh! also, the mushrooms are supposed to be whole mushrooms, but i didn't feel like making them today and used leftovers from my prep for my 'non-fail, not-yet-presented' items for an upcoming occasion...yes i'm coming to that soon....

i placed some 'shredded chicken' on the almost-cured resin. see?!?! this is what it looked like before it soaked up the 'gravy' :(

ah well! lesson learnt! it was fun making all these items, so fast, and so easy on my hands too! i like working with ADC, now that i am getting the hang of it. furthermore i think it is a far better medium to work with when making chinese foods as the nature of the clay makes it easier for me to get the textures required than having to work on getting them in if i were to make these out of polymer clay. i'll try with PC another time, when i'm feeling brave.......

anyway. to add on to the random items i made in my previous post, here's the prawns that i tried to make....took me only all last night to get the prawn shapes right, then all morning + afternoon today to get the colours right......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i didn't have orange marker, and didn't want to fiddle about with paints more than necessary, so i used a yellow base, and painted a dark pink on top of it. luckily it worked out rather well. gave it a final touch of tamiya transparent orange, i think it quite passable as prawns!!! again, since it's not meant to be a stand alone item, i wasn't too concerned as i knew they will be covered up with sauce......

i think i've also mentioned countless times my weakness at mixing greens. 3 attempts, and they still look sick XD the white stuff is too translucent for beansprouts sigh.....try, try again...........

the noodles i made for the hor fun dishes were individually cut from a thinly flattened piece of dried clay. but i needed to make a different sort of noodles, and i really did not fancy rolling them out. for one, it would mean they would definitely be uneven, and although i have a clay extruder that claims to be able to extrude clay strands down to 0.6mm wide, my earlier experience with it tells me otherwise. it's definitely larger than 0.6mm  wide, and i would need to mix up quite a bit of clay to get just a teeny bit extruded. so i went back to basics, and piped out the noodles.

Sans guessed right ;) it's meant for char siew noodles, but my first attempt at piping the noodles out didn't turn out so well. firstly, although the colour is a tad too light, i wasn't too fazed by it because again, there's a sauce to drench it in. however the thickness AIEE!!! it looked like spaghetti next to the char siew!! so back i went to piping yet another batch.....

i think the difference is noticeable ^ ^ on hindsight, maybe i should have saved myself the trouble and simply used thread or summat -_-" am gonna let them dry before i assemble the char siew noodles, also have to make some wantans.....

as to the little thing i've been mentioning, oh, only 3-4 times so far...HAHAH! anyway! i've been invited to talk about minis at a public venue, and the details are somewhat finalized, but since they aren't officially announced yet, i didn't want to mention specifics! but i've signed stuff and i think it's confirmed, so for those who haven't yet met me and are keen on seeing what kind of weirdo i am in person, here's your chance! :X it should be on November 6th, a saturday afternoon....i'll update with details, and items i'll be taking with me, and a little about what i'll be talking about in another post :) i won't be selling anything there, but at least now you know why i've been working so hard on making more local fare!!! gee...2 more weeks and i haven't even finalized the pics and the script :X :X :X but i'm not worried, i am only too happy to listen to the sound of my own droning voice............................................OK NO I"M PANICKING NOW AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE *crazy eyes*


  1. CONGRATULATIONS !!!!! you definitely dexsreve becoming a star in mini universe!!!
    I think that the soup is wonderful, real noodles do soak up the soup ! I wouldn't mind a bowl of these! Hugs Rosanna

  2. Me encanta esta explicación sobre tus pasos con la sopa. Muchas gracias.
    Será un éxito la conferencia de las minis.
    Besos Clara

  3. YES, YES, YES!!!!!!! Cindy baby, GO GIRL!!!! This looks fantastic, and I am dying to see more!!!!

  4. I knew it! :):)

    Actually I think your noodies are of the right size underneath the char siew . But I am curious about thread since it is drenched in resin, it may really work out quite well.

    6/11 I may still be on the plane coming back :(. Really wanted to attend the talk!

  5. Wow, you have alot of patience to make such tiny things.

  6. I think that you have many fantasy and your dishes are delicious. :o)

  7. ROSANNA~~!~~~ a star?? *snort* no wayyyyyy i just want to make minis!!

    i want pesto pasta. nom. maybe that's what i'll make next in mini!

  8. hi CLARA! thanks again for your words of encouragement! i do so hope it will go smoothly, i spent a lot of time preparing for it...:X

  9. *blushes at Kiva*

    MOAR MOAR MOAR has been posted!!!

  10. Sans, tee hee you must be living it up in Sri Lanka (Ceylon!!) now....aiya yuo must already be sick of hearing my voice anyway, i will be talking about alot of the same stuff i write in this blog anyway!

  11. thanks mr pineapple man! i am so envious of your travels. T-T take me with youuuuU~~~~

  12. hi Lisa! i think it's more of grim determination and obsession rather than patience LOL!

  13. thank you Mari@! i have to rush off now but when i get a chance i want to slowly look through your wonderful blog!

  14. my god the food looks so real! got me craving for fishball noodle soup. haha! the stuff you make are really nice! :):)


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