Monday, October 18, 2010

My love for Re-ment

bf got me a belated anniversary gift!!! yea yea it only took me 1.5 weeks to get round to taking pics...and the anniversary was in july...the both of us aren't too fussy with anniversary stuff, we celebrate weekly! :P have i grossed you out yet??? :P :P :P

and you know what......IT CAME WITH A SECRET SET :O :O :O

it took me a while to say 'yes' to the "Home Centre" set. i felt a little silly and bad that my cravings for re-ment were so strong, but i'm glad i didn't (couldn't?) resist this collection. good thing i didn't (??) cos when i decided that i was going to take photos of my fave items today, i searched for the pet carrier and went into a near-panic state when i couldn't find it. i thought, 'HEY OMG DID I TOSS IT OUT WITH THE GARBAGE?" i really shouldn't place my bin next to my caddy (on top of which i do my photoshoots). ANYHOO. after a search, i checked back in the box and realised, hey. this doesn't look right. pet carrier is set #8, this is..*flips little brochure* set #11? *insert seriously puzzled face here*

of course it wouldn't occur to me that i'd get a secret set. these are much coveted by the re-ment collector, some going for almost 10-20 times the sticker price on greedbay. me, i like the colour pencil set best. which i think is like, the ultimate fave or summat judging by the responses to the pics on flickr.

i think i'm super lucky this time cos i believe the 'homu sentaa' set is a discontinued one (says on the box "2006"). i am mighty pleased, with a tinge of disappointment cos i really love that pet carrier and it was partly why i wanted the whole set. a quick check on greedbay put it a almost half of what bf paid for the complete collection. ah well! *throws hands up in air*

/start of flashback

years ago, way before i started making my own minis, bf got me a re-ment house. it's stackable, and i did say i wanted to get a whole condo to house my modest re-ment collection. i say modest, because compared to some of the re-ment collectors who contribute frequently to the various re-ment flickr groups, what i own is laughable!  
to date, i must have collected at least 4-5 whole sets, and various individual boxes. i don't like to try my luck with the unmarked boxes, and bf is of no help at all *grins*, he reasons (and rightly so) that i can always sell off the sets i don't like/want. but...once i get a complete set, i don't want them to be separated wahh!!! XD

/end of flashback

i didn't open up all the packets cos i wasn't ready to display them yet. the re-ment house looks like Godzilla (i.e. me) picked it up and gave it a good shake. it's sitting above my laptop on my table shelving area, holding some of my minis-that-i-haven't-found-a-place-to-store-in. coincidentally or subconsciously, i opened up the garden items, maybe cos next on my to-do list is flowers???

look at how innocent this wee bike sits on my table. this...THIS is the one that made me go NnnnnGHHH!!! WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yotsuba loves it to bits, maybe even a bit more than the little red wagon....

 i placed an older red wagon i got from Talina at a steal (thanks Talina!) and surprise surprise, it's slightly smaller than a 1:12 wagon! i'd read that the older re-ment stuff was smaller, some even closer to 1:12 (re-ment these days is mostly 1:6) but i suppose this could just be a mini red wagon. doesn't bother me, I LUVS IT.

and that translucent green bucket OMG HAHAHAHAHHA!! i'm smiling to myself as i type this. my fascination with little red wagons stem from an inside joke between me and bf....let's just say, on my more painful days, it can be hard getting me to move around without massive whining and protestations. :X 'nuff said! :P

I WANT MORE RE-MENT GAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *ROARS*


  1. Grats on the re-ment and the secret set! This was one of the first re-ment full sets I ever got and I managed to get the secret set too :D

  2. You make me happy I never started with re-ment. :) OMG, not long ago (hmm, 10 years?) , I poohed poohed a friend's obsession with collecting the Sylvanian stuff..heh heh. I will agree with you though about the green pail.

    I don't have my comp with me , so can only surf and not email. Tomorrow morning! Tis abt this mth's meet :).

  3. Hello! we have a new Re-ment community over on Reddit and would love for you to join us. :) I'm trying to get older collectors there to help get the word out so Rement goes back to making sets like they used to in the glory days! (Plus they have started putting out some new puchi sets again which are really nice)- would love for you to join us!


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