Tuesday, October 5, 2010

1:12 heart candies

special request from a customer. originally made them a while back in the form of cookies, but i think i like the candy version better ^ ^ will need to make them smaller though.....as if these weren't challenging enough XD

and it wouldn't be a 'snowfern clover' thing if i didn't take a challenge a step further, if only to challenge myself, right? ;) just need sharpen the cutting edge (waiting for the dremel chuck to arrive, yea i haven't even broken it in yet T-T NO TIME!) and to hot glue the end of the cutter, but that involves digging into drawers and looking for a spare socket....so....let's hope i don't lose the cutter meanwhile :P these hearts are barely 2mm at the widest point.

made a few extras and 2 extra colours. i can't work on the remaining candy bases i prepared, muscles are all bunched up from hunching over these! the accent beads are approx 0.3-0.5mm (YEAH :O ) wide, so ....they sure took a bit of fiddling about to place them onto the clay.

TIME TO STRETCH OUT THOSE MUSCLES. please don't rain, it's been a while since i hit the pool :O


  1. We probably can't see the details unless it is with a magnifying glass? I like the cookie version as well. You have added a lot of details to those.

  2. You are CRAZY !!!!! but they are wonderful. Thank goodness there is macro photography otherwise all the details would be lost.Hugs Rosanna

  3. Beautiful! So tiny! I have no idea how you do this but they are wonderful! :D


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