Wednesday, September 29, 2010

playing with more than 2 colours

so. after the mooncake stuff, i've been trying to catch up to the next seasonal craze, and you can probably tell from the colours here, right?

since i'm working on a contest entry, over on, i can't reveal my entry so....this is all i have for updates XD i managed to feel inspired only yesterday morning, woke up with an idea, man i love it when my brain does its best processing while i'm asleep. see how much i use it in the day???? *snort*

also, working on a special request for a friend. his parcel got lost on its way to Afghanistan (when he was posted there) so i asked him what he'd like, and it's almost done! it's.....*gasp* NOT FOOD :P but again, until i complete it and he's received pics T-T

bleh. it's not as if i have nothing to update, more like, i'm unable to for now! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH *dusts the blog frantically*


  1. I can't wait to see what you make for the contest! Good luck!

    I decided not to enter... the deadline was soooo short! WTF?

  2. You have a friend in Afghanistan?? Wow! Can we visit him? :)Before the war, it is a really beautiful country :).

    Happy to hear that you are joining the contests. :). It is always exciting to see how you fare to the world. Not always accurate assessment but fun nonetheless.

    You can't have pics , not even secret ones? just kidding :)

    Waiting to go to the dentist at 2.30-pm and dreading it! Seeking solace in blogland until then :):)

  3. hey Amanda!

    i think the contest was announced maybe last month or earlier, but i' been pre-occupied with stuff and only recently had more time to fiddle about with contests XD

  4. SANS!

    no la his tour is over, now he's back in the US (for good he says?) ....that's why i'm trying to send him a 'replacement''ve been to Afghanistan??!??!

    aiyoh, regular dental checkup or??? i'm at the office now, might be heading down to Chinatown later to source for 1:3 utensils....see if i can complete my orders here first.......

    as to 'secret pictures', why don't i just show you the real deal, eh?? ;) it's almost october!!!


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