Friday, September 17, 2010

1:12 Cameo Cakes

my customer sent me some cameo stickers for use on her request. i hope she likes these. the toughest bits for me to make were the ribbons, and getting the cake bases nice, clean and even zzzzz i'm not a machine! XD

more pics.

decided to use picnik's collage option cos i'm too lazy to upload that many pictures. i LIKES IT. :D free to register and use, very good for simple image manipulations :D no need to mess about with photoshop/gimp!!!

and as a personal project, since i had so much oddly coloured clay laying around, i made a chocolate macaron tower. some of you might recognize the chocolate portions as part of some older works....i needed something to fill in the blanks (HA!) and yayyyy they came in handy! the toughest part of assembling this tower has got to be fiddling with that dang ribbon. BUT I DID IT YAYYYYYyyyyyyyyy took me only 2 hrs....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

off to the mini meet!


  1. Cindy a big hug to you and te mini makers. Loveloads Rosanna

  2. I love them all. You will have one happy customer.

  3. could you please tell me what you use to colour your resin for jelly and gummy bears? Many thanks. Lisa

  4. Wow! You actually made the cameo looked like icing work! :). Great combo , my friend :). The macaron tower must be one of my favs cos it is monochromatic and brown :).

    As if you can read my mind, I was thinking of using a collage method of posting pics. Thanks for the link!

  5. Hi cindy,

    I love them soo much.In fact im ordering another two right now!!Wheeii!!



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