Tuesday, September 14, 2010

are you sick of gummy bears yet?

i made this pile of gummy bears over the week, as the resin takes about 4 hrs to set properly before i can de-mold the bears. AGHHHH i forgot to take pics of the trays and plates i poured too. this is because the bears use so little resin i was afraid the resin would not cure if i used too tiny an amount.

also, made some marshmallows out of ADC as i feel ADC would make it look more realistic, i haven't tried it with PC, but so far i'm really liking the results. and as usual ARGHHHH forgot to take pics with the larger pack that inspired me to make these. i'll get round to that another time i suppose :(

i tried to make 'strawberry flavoured' bears, but the colours just didn't co-operate. after 2 different batches, i gave up and i'll try again another time, i just wanted to have some of these done for my etsy, which is pretty bare (haha) now. and has been for a while.

the nutritional info actually states it's 0 calories XD


and my stupid little m&ms/skittles/candy pieces which alot of people thought were jellybeans :( seeeeee they're tiny little SPOTS not bean like. but i admit the angle and colours/translucency does make it look like beans, especially in the other picture. i realised it only after i posted up the pic, and then the comments came in almost immediately and i felt i couldn't take it down XD

again, 0 nutritional value XD

i'm putting together a 'store' of sorts, got the materials ready but i get sidetracked soooo easily (go figure) and so, the mounting boards and wooden strips are still waiting for me, along with the Dremel :X and i still have incomplete commissioned items, and that 'secret' i'm waiting to reveal????

and so i happily distracted myself with the decal sheets :P i love clear packaging and plastics, or translucent white plastic (all my organizing drawers and boxes are translucent white or transparent). so naturally i had to translate it into mini :P i fudged up on the flour ones, i much prefer the blockier packaging to the right with the dragees, and far left. however, since the label is in black, it's kinda hard to read and so i think i'll make the white background stickers for items that won't bring out the label.

i have plenty more items to photograph, been keeping busy, but i really gotta go before it rains, it's mooncake shopping day :) and my next post will be on............................................hahhahahahhahah i feel like i'm going crazy from all this secret-keeping!!!!!

on a personal note, i am loving LOVING minis all over again. not only has it made me a happier, patient person, it's taught me how to socialize better, and even reunited me with a friend whom i'd lost contact with for over 2 years! KISMET! that's another story, for another time, right now i'm loving life :)



  1. OMG your gummi bears are awesome!!!! As is everything else of course but they are faboo! I am just starting playing with resin and am having a blast with it.

  2. i have no idea how you do it. *squints*

    that is a freakishly small plastic packaging! and the label too! it's a wonder you don't go blind. O.o how did you do the plastic packets?? O.o gahhhhhhh. so kawaii!

    keep it up!

  3. Thanks Deborah! yeaaa i saw your review on iceresin, it seems intriguing! i need to find a faster setting, yet lesser-toxic resin, i think the epoxy is making my many many allergies flare???

    Maddie, with plenty of patience, and swearing :P

  4. LoL...I think in every pic, there's an "ARRRGH" it it? XD

    I know many have say it but the m&ms/skittles do looks like jellybeans because it "transparencies".
    Maybe because we are used to m&ms with bold colors. And maybe.... maybe if you have enough time to kill, you can separate the lighter color skittles (don't mix them together). XD
    I hope you understand what I'm trying to say Xd

  5. Asuka, I once patiently tweezer each and every tiny piece of Cindy's Turkish delights into a bowl according to colours -ie not placing pieces with the same colour side by side, so yes, I am sure Cindy can separate her beans, oops, skittles I mean by colours :). Anyway, what's the diff between jelly beans and skittles? Always thought Skittles are jelly beans of sort :). Even look kind of like them except rounder?

    I think those gummy bears are freaking crazy good and now that they are bloody 0 calorie, shucks, they are to die for! And babe, 0 nutritional value?? No way lah. Vitamin C-1000 mg -C for "can die" or is it candie? hehe :)

    High on friendship eh? Tell us more this Friday!

  6. woot :D and it's great that a hobby can bring people together/closer hey? XD

    look forward to see your reveal XD

  7. >< can't imagine how much is needed. kudos for pulling through amazingly. =D ooh, will you be putting those gummy bears up for sale?

    will you ever make a tutorial for the packaging? O.o

  8. (((Cindy))) oh, my goodness you have been busy! I love the sweet treats (donuts) in one of your previous posts. So life like.

    And, of course, these gummy bears are so cute! You could do gummy worms too!

    I agree the skittles look translucent like beans. Can you make them out of clay?

    Hey, Sans! Skittles are candy coated and hard like m & m's, jelly beans are the chewy candy.

    *waves* to assuka. :)

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  10. ¡Increible el tamaño y el colorido! Has hecho mucho trabajo y te has divertido, entiendo que tengas abandonado el trabajo de las maderas.
    Besos Clara

  11. Los ositos me parecen increibles,me he enamorado,muchas felicidades por tus maravillos Trabajos.

  12. omg those r the CUTEST gummi bears i have evr seen!!!! i love them i love them i love them!! I NEED THEM!!


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