Wednesday, September 15, 2010

1:12 resin play

.....yeah......i keep forgetting to post about these cos they take so long to set, and i get distracted and store them away, and....well you know how it is. out of sight, out of mind XD

some jam jars.....i made the original in this post:

as with the cups.....

but these were from some old sylvanian family sets i got like....gee. at least 10-12 years ago? or more? they're going into my 'cafe' :) the original was an ugly yellow, but i thought they'd look great clear, i'm glad they turned out nice! i wanted to play with some metallic hues, and wondered how the metallic paint i had would work with the resin. i think they look better in the pics than in it's actually a little darker than in the matter, i still like it! i want to someday (HA!) try making original trays so i can sell, just like Asuka's awesomely cute food trays T-T

doing this much resin work has maybe started up some of my allergies, so......i think i'll take a break from resin. man this is getting tired fast, me having to cycle through different mediums due to my multiple health issues. grr.

so this is the inspiration for the marshmallows! i saw the cute marshmallow packaging at my neighbourhood store and picked it up for fun :D i LOVE toasted marshmallows! but i was a good girl and restricted myself to just the one when at my friend's birthday bbq last friday :D (konnyaku doesn't count cos it's made from seaweed, right? XD )

time for bed :)


  1. Siento que los productos te den alergia, pero me encanta el resultado. Estoy enamorada de tus ositos Haribo y esas gelatinas. Estaré pendiente de tu etsy. Besos.

  2. I know this post is about resin jars/trays/pots but I just can't take my eye off your jellos. They are just too damn bloody realistic. I like a lot:)

    I also think the metallic look is very very successful. I prefer them to plain.

    Say happy birthday to ah boy :). I have mini marshmallows at home. You can have it with sugarless cocoa this Friday :).

  3. More miniatures on your Etsy please!! :D

  4. ¡Cuanta cantidad de todo! Veo que estás muy inspirada haciendo envases de todo tipo. Están muy transparentes. Me encantan.
    Besos Clara


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