Wednesday, September 8, 2010

1:12 meringue towers

made with air dry clay.

removeable butterfly 'wand' cos i think the tower looks pretty nice without the topper too. just didn't want to leave a gaping hole is why i added the butterfly.

should be made available on my etsy after the varnish has dried :) i don't feel quite comfortable working with such muted colours, but i do so love the effects!

meringues hand piped, moldings made with commercial molds.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahah the funny thing is i got an EARLY birthday pressie (4 months early! XD ) yesterday :)

got the kit from RS Singapore. i must say, for local purchases, i HIGHLY RECOMMEND the site. the customer service is EXCELLENT, provided you can get through the busy hotline XD I had to listen to elevator muzak for quite a while before i got my order in. Local delivery is free for purchases above $100, and they even accept C.O.D.!!! how cool is that! i will definitely buy from them again, pity their showroom is in Tuas or i'd be all over it like paint on canvas. haven't tried it out yet, too busy lately....

there's something exciting i'm working on, and if all goes well i can announce it...soonish? it'll be in November, so i have a little bit of room to prepare. will update when i can! :D :D :D just wanted to plonk it in here to remind myself to work on it......gah stupid iffy memory.


  1. Love your towers in general, those are really adorable.
    But huh commercial moulds? for what?


  2. Those towers are really intricate . Are they back in fashion again? Towers like this are always so impactful when displayed.

    I think our tools are the same?

  3. looks awesome!!
    I'm a fan of your blog btw

    I wonder what brand of varnish do you use ? They look so perfect!

  4. Beautiful towers, your meringues are great and I like the colours.

  5. ¡Excelentes merengues! Has conseguido unos colores muy suaves.
    ¡Una dremel! Ya veré cuantas cosas salen de tus manos con su ayuda.
    Besos Clara

  6. Cindy they are beautiful!!! and you got a Dremel !! great buying.
    I'm ashamed to say that I didn't start with the macarons yet. Too busy !! hugs Rosanna

  7. Thank you for the good news and good information like this.
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